Monday, February 13, 2012

Necromunda Underhive Progress report

I mentioned a few few posts back that I am working on a Necromunda board for Origins Game fair this year, and I thought I would show off a few early WIP pictures. So far we have only one "quadrant" of the board roughed in. C&C welcome!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Updates and ideas

I went to tournament yesterday at Game Table Adventures in Newark Ohio. Had a great time with 3 great opponents, but my dice officially hate me. As punishment I will melt down a full third in front of the other offending dice to set an example....

During a break from the games I was talking with the owner and discovered that he is allowing the Imperial Armour lists that Forge World has recently updated to be played as legal in all of his tournaments. (!!!!)

Of course this started the wheels spinning in my head and I had to go play with the Vraksian Renegades list from Imperial Armour 5 just to see if I could come up with something workable and unique. What I have so far is truly a squishy way, but SCARY!

At 2000 points an all infantry horde can field (in this configuration) 30 Missile Launchers, 12 Auto Cannons, and 19 Lascannons...thats 61 heavy weapons folks. This army also has a  2 squads of workers rabble for bubble wrapping support. It totals at 255 models !!!!!!

51 heavy

The more "reasonable" and "playable" version includes alpha legion Chaos Marines as support and counter assault, with the primary troops choices made into armored fist squads to save time and my back in moving models. This list is a bit more manageable at "only" 161 models, but includes real goodies to make the list much more well rounded. Things like minefields for post deployment dangerous terrain, and dreadclaw drop pods add to a counter punch. There is also an enforcer to keep the workers rabble/ meat-shield in place a bit longer.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Go DAD!!!

THIS was posted to facebook on a teenager's wall. All I have to say is GO DAD!!