Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Apocalypse is coming 2011

Well here it is, minus a few This is the 5k force I will be bringing to the table on the 8th....unless I change my mind!

As if you didn't see Dies Irae

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holidays winding down...hobby ramping up

Well, with Christmas behind us (mostly) I am starting to look into 2011 and think about what I want from my hobby in the coming year. I am kicking off with a bang on January 8th with a king of the hill apocalypse game, and starting a 4 month long campaign on the 22nd. Nice start.....but then what?

Well...the DE are nearly done until GW can get around to the release of wracks and a few other bits.....
Mike's Blood Angels are a slow trickle, so they will take quite a bit of time to see the end of....
Necrons? well mebbe by September if we are lucky.

Now what? I think it is time to go back and finish (or at least work on) some half finished paint and assembly projects. I've been thinking about the below list and would love to hear what you all think....

AdMech Ordinatus super heavy cannon
Subdjugators jump marine army
Volscani 4th Traitor legion odds and ends. I have 40 or 50 infantry that I could paint, plus about 20 or 30 penal legion troops for them. I also need to add some heavy weapon teams.
Incubi and Mandrakes for the Kabal
Pimpwagon Slaanesh baneblade paint
Plaguetower of Nurgle
Khorne tower of Skulls
15 Necron destroyers I got off Ebay that need to be stripped and fixed

I dunno you tell me. I'm sure I could go through several of these projects by the time the Necron book comes out. Then there is the issue of Gamesday or even Wargamescon this, both or neither?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kabal down!

Well I played Craig this morning with his usual surprising self....and Vanilla marines!?!

The 1850 list below didn't do so well. I looked like I had it all sewn up until the bottom of turn 5. Well, I'm getting ahead of myself, so here is more detail.

I took the list I have been blogging about here, and Craig shows up with almost 60 foot slogging marines.... a nightmare for a heavy anti tank army like mine. He had the below list (from memory):

10 Sternguard in a pod
Multi melta dred in a pod
2 predators with lascannon turrets and no sponsons
10 scouts with heavybolter
10 scouts with missile launcher
3x 10 tactical squads, one with missile, one with multi melta, one with lascannon
Landspeeder with 2 multi meltas

We rolled Dawn of war capture and control.

I took first turn and he did not seize. I essentially moved up the middle of the board behind the central landing pad and dropped my webway right next to the central objective. My reaver jetbikes went right down his right flank killing 3 scouts as they flew by. His shooting was non existent due to night fight, so that was it for turn one.

He dropped in his dreadnought on my right flank next to that objective, and combat squaded all of the marines. He split them into fire bases in ruins on my left side and woods on the right. I killed his dreadnought before it could act, and a few more scouts bit the dust. one tactical combat squad hit the bikes that were close and broke them. Since I only had one left he ran off the board after killing one more scout from the nearby unit.

Turn 3 got more exciting as my wyches ran out of the portal and right into combat with two of his combat squads. 4 turns later and they wer still holding the center of his line, effectively splitting his army in two.

This was a close fought game. I had him pinned into two blobs of cover and he couldn't move out for the objectives without getting shot up. On turn 5 he finally made his move and moved out into open land to take the objective on my left, and his sternguard, using cover denying ammo, to the objective on my right. The remaining combat squad from the center combat finally broke free and moved up to contest the central objective. So at the bottom of 5 we contested all three objectives....and of course the game went on....

On turn 6 he got a lucky multimelta shot off and downed a raider which left its squad out in the open on the left objective....which he blew away with the remaining scouts and marines to take the left. We had a comabt in the center, and he finally took those warriors down to claim the center. On the right I had lost everything to the cover denying boltguns but the raider still contested it. That left it at 2-0 marines.....sigh....T3 SUXX!!!

Lessons learned:
1. Warrior squads can lose the darklances for Splinter cannons. They move in the transport every turn, so the splinter cannon can still fire.

2. T3 sucks, especially combined with S3. Now in order to combat this I am adding a squad of Wracks to the portal assault. They score and have higher toughness....and start with FNP.

3. All units that get into combat need aggonisers...period. This counters lower strength and allows a few wounds to compensate for a lower wound rate on the Wyches.

4. As much as I like the cheap cost and concept of a fleshgauntlet....nope aggonisers FTW.

As much as I am taking away from these games I really think the dark pointy ears are a seriously dangerous list when played correctly. If they can mitigate their opponent's strength and/or foil their battle plan they will win. Otherwise they struggle to hold on with such low toughness combined with almost no armor.

Current record for the Kabal of the sundered Storm: 1-2

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter Storm Apocalypse!!

Well, as I write this I am plotting another nefarious scheme. This time on a big scale. I know I have thrown around the "King of the Hill" title at the Armoury before but this time I think It's serious.....

Coming on January 8th I will be hosting an Apocalypse game at Armoury Games in Pickerington. The game will be a free for all competitive battle to the last man standing....or store hours, which ever runs out first. If time runs out we will determine a winner by point tally on the surviving models. The specifics are as follows:

5000 points per player. This is important as this is a free for all, try to get as close to this total with out exceeding it.

Super heavies, Flyers, and Gargantuan creatures are allowed. Where there are two profiles available, ie one Imperial Armour and a second from a more recent Codex, please contact me or Drew at the store with what you have chosen before game day.

No single units costing more than 1000 points. This means no Reavers, or Heirophant bio titans to end the melee too quickly.

No formations or stratagems from the Apocalypse/Imperial Armour books. This means the only squadrons will be as allowed by 40k codex. These are intended to be used by allied armies....there are none of those here, it is all PvP. This is also to allow a fair win if we run out of time. Formations cost points to run, so this balances things a bit more evenly.

Imperial Armour army lists ARE allowed. Please send a PM or email ( and clear these before the day of the game.

Allies ARE allowed per the chart in the first Apocalypse rule book. (I will make exceptions in extreme cases)

Please come ready to play. This means you need printed copies of the rules, your codex, and any Imperial Armour pieces you are using. No exceptions unless one can be had by photo copy. You will of course need dice, templates and a tape measure as well.

Entry fee is $10 per player to cover expenses. The prize is a plaque on the Anvil and a certificate clearly proclaiming you as "King of the Hill" for 2011.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Dead Shall rise!!!

Well a lot of you will have heard the name "Stickmonkey" in relation to rumors posted on Dakka and Warseer. Here is the latest from the Stick for 2011 beyond the Greyknights.

"Looks like the dead machines may rise again in 2011. I have good information that Necrons should see a revision following GK. What I have heard:

New Codex drops mid year.
WBB changes to FNP for "most" units
New HQ options include "One" new C'Tan. Nightbringer and Deceiver to get new models...and at least one will have optional "incarnations"
New Tomb Spider plastic model. option to create alternate model that is Heavy artillery.
New fast cc focus unit. jump infantry. warrior sized.
new models for immortals.
new "tank" - could be the TS based artillery just referenced from different source.
new MC walker - likely the rumored "Necronmancer" - may be HQ or Heavy-conflicting rumors here.
New plastic Lord with all options.
New named Lord metal blister
New Monolith option...not represented in models to be released.

Also, in other rumors, August is being banted about as Tyranid 2nd wave. To include:
Doom blister
Tyrannofex plastic with options to build as Tervigon - unreliable rumor as to the optional build, but I'm throwing it in Harpy
Tyranid direct only lashwhip bonesword upgrade blister for warriors
"yrmgarll?" direct only genestealer flashgit model, one pose, direct only.

On the flyer front. Theres a rumor of a thunderbolt fighter in design for plastic...from the sound its very early, and if other rumors are true of a "flyer" WD supplemental release, it would not make that cut.

As always, my rumors are typically far off and subject to change. but so far ive got a better hit to miss ratio...hopefully GK wont ruin my record..."

Take all this with a grain of salt but this looks to fall in line with everything we have heard thus far. Color me excited.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Ultramarines Movie

Movie arrived today....WOOT

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Acid test -- Burned

Well I ended up walking into a charity tournament benefiting Toys for Tots. Craig and I wouldn't have had table space without joining the tournament. While I didn't play Craig I did draw MegaDave in the first round.....and lost. Lets just say the glass cannon analogy is completely accurate, if not understated. If you don't do significant damage in the opening turns, you will lose the edge. Put it this way, of the 11 mobile fire Darklances in the list I hit with exactly 0 in two turns of shooting.....which meant that Dave's termie heavy list was in my grill by the time my dice decided to show up.....and game over from there. Good game Dave, but I learned little about the DE from the game other than Warriors are NOT the best troop choice, unless there are 60+ of them.

The second game was a DIRTY win. My opponent was playing a stunningly beautiful Deathwing army. He had 2 land raiders a pod and 16 terminators in 1500pts. Now this would be a tough army for other marines, but 11 dark lances did a job on his land raiders and poisoned splinter rifles did the rest. I had him tabled on turn 4. I did learn that again warriors are not the optimal troop choice.

I have to say there are 30 to 40 wrack conversions and some of my existing warriors are being re-tasked as trueborn. I am going to move the troops to wracks and upgrade one wyche to a Succubus with an aggonizer, and all of the Wyches to bloodbrides. I am going to run 2 Haemonculi in the HQ, both with flesh gauntlets and hexrifles. My next idea for the heavies is one ravager, one Talos and one voidraven bomber. I will use two ravagers until there is a plastic model for the bomber.

Minor changes other than changing the troop choice, my tactics remain the same.

Acid test

Well I am going to play a good friend with my DE of the Kabal of the sundered Storm today. I consider this the acid test for a couple of reasons. First and formost Craig has been the guy that has taught me so much about the game and routinely beats me down so I can learn from what I am doing wrong. Second of all, he is playing his mostly foot based imperial guard....his best army....and the one who has routinely killed whatever I throw at it. Craig knows his guard inside and out, and can turn 90% of his draws/losses into late game wins with startling regularity.

Now, I'm not going into this game with a losing attitude, I'm going in trying to be realistic. This will be the first time in the field for a new army as well as being a poor match up for the DE. Craig runs a lot of heavy weapons teams, so my tanks are likely going to be dust after a couple of turns.

I'll get you an update this afternoon and let you know how it went along with whatever planned changes I might have. I already think one ravager down in exchange for a talos or chronos from the portal.....

Here is today's list:

Archon Aggonath: Aggoniser, ghostplate, soultrap, shadowfield, webway portal
Lady Malys

9 Kabalite warriors with blaster and darklance in raider with flickerfields
10 Kabalite warriors with blaster and darklance in raider with flickerfields
10 Kabalite warriors with blaster and darklance in raider with flickerfields

Hekatrix Bloodbrides with Haywire grenades, hydra gauntlets, succubus with blast pistol

6 reaver jetbikes 2 caltrops, 2 blasters
6 reaver jetbikes 2 caltrops, 2 blasters

3x ravagers with nightshields and flickerfields

Lots of anti tanks for tanks that MIGHT not be there, but this is what I own so we'll see....

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ding!!! 1850

Well I added 2 ravagers, a raider and 10 more kabalite warriors over the last few days. This fills out my heavy support for now, and gives me a bit more flying screen in the troop department. While I haven't even broken the shrink wrap on them yet I should have them all up to match the rest of the army by the end of the week. If good 'ol Timmy can get his missions cleaned up I MIGHT go play with them on the 11th. More pics soon!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Made it to 1500!!

Just pointed up what I have. I am at the 1500pt limit now. Is the list viable? not sure. There are a lot of things I want to shuffle and do more testing on. I most certainly need more heavies and more pain for the portal group. Let me explain on a list breakdown here....

HQ, I own three, and really four if you count my conversion of Lelith Hesperax to Lady Malys being used as either or....I can field an Archon and Urien Rakarth. If I use Rakarth as an Ancient Haemonculus that would be 5 possibilities.

For Elite...well no models yet. I WANT to do a four blaster True Born squad, and I will likely convert the Wyches I have into bloodbrides as a retinue for Malys of Lelith to reinforce the portal assault.

I have 3 squads of ten warriors, each with a blaster and darklance. Eventually this will be 2 20 man squads with 2 lances each, and a third in a raider as escort for the archon. I plan on doing about 3x10 wrack squads in raiders as well in order to take over/supplement for the warriors.

I have 2x 6 man reaver squads with maxed caltrops and blasters....I may switch SOME of the blasters for heat lances, but not likely. More likely these guys will grow to 3x10 man squads for full on drive-by pimping.

The heavy support slot is another weak spot for me. Right now I have a basic triple lance ravager. This WILL change as I intend to add on parasite and one talos for the portal bomb.

With the addition of the Talos and Chronos I would be looking at about 1750 total. I think this is a solid core to work with. What say you?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Round 2 is in

Ok, I went to the shop today and picked up Urien Rakarth  a Ravager and the webway portal template to add to my forces. I would have bought all three ravagers, but the store didn't get enough to cover it's holds so I had to settle for a single.

Painting is coming along well. I have settled on my hair and symbol colors with Vallejo Model color Lime green. I have all the hair and tassles painted on the foot models now, so things are beginning to look more like a finished force. I have to do all the metals, and the bone details on the models, then clean them up to finish.

I also picked up witchfate tor, this will actually give me a full table of fantasy terrain, with a few options to spice things up.

*edit: After priming all the pieces of Witchfate Tor I went to look at the directions, and I am missing two wall segments, and have an extra of another.....great.....well I guess I'm on the phone with GW on Monday...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pix if the basics (sort of)

 Well here is a picture of a wych and warrior. This should give you an idea of where I am headed with the paint. Sorry for the crap quality, all I have to work with is my iphone right now....

Keep in mind these are but 2 of 50....all of them are up to this standard, and I have only been at this for two weeks. While it doesn't match up to a hobby still cranking these out as quick as I can.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And MORE painting

Ok, I now have 30 Kabalite warriors, 10 Wyches, 2 Raiders with crew, and 12 Jetbikes all base-coated and the first layer of dry-brushed color applied. Progress is slow, but progress it is. I will have a few WIP pictures up tomorrow for you.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Update DE: paint

I decided on a scheme for the bases: Winter tundra. It is a little more work with the snow but it looks good and pops for color. Here is an example

I have all of the models for wave one in primer now, and I have started color blocking on the raider. My final color scheme is a medium brown base color for the armor plating. Specifically Vallejo model color mahogany sand. The metals will be Vallejo Model Brassy Brass with a dark wash. I plan on using Citadel foundation Deneb Stone as a second color and a third trim color will be an acid green that I have yet to pick out. More to come as I finish models.

Progress report : DE

Well I am underway. I have my first raider assembled and in primer. I also have 6 reavers built and in primer. I have 10 Wyches built and waiting on primer.

Today I start the slow process of finishing assembly on the last six reaver bikes. These things look awesome, but have a ton of tiny little fiddly bits to them. This week sees the addition of a squad of Kabaklite warriors and the start of a small trueborn unit. Next week I will add more raiders and ravagers to the list.

Friday, November 5, 2010

WOW that's a LOT of Dark Eldar...

This is the stack of incoming Dark Eldar at my local shop.....WOW thats a lot of figs....especially when you consider all but a few of those boxes were already spoken for.....

Then there is my stack....
And Drew's.....
And neither of us has a legal army in these things yet.....WOW....

Now If I can just get GW to make plastic Wrack models.....

Kabal of the Sundered Storm

Well I have the Dark Eldar Codex in my grubby hands. My final list is turning out to be a far cry from where I started.

Lady Malys
Urien Rakarth

6 trueborn in a raider with flicker fields and night shields 3 blasters and 2 dark lances

9 Wyches in a raider with flicker fields and nightshields

10 Kabalite Warriors with a blaster and Darklance

10 Wracks with a liquifer gun
10 Wracks with a liquifer gun
10 Wracks with a liqufer gun

2x 6 Reaver Jetbikes with 2 blasters and 2 cluster caltrops

Ravager with flickerfields and night shields

2x Chronos Parasite engines with spirit vortex

That is it at 1850, but for 1500 point games I lose Lady Malys and one unit of Wracks. The list uses shock tactics to keep people off my pain engines until turn two and screen the Kabalite warriors that will camp the home objective in cover. The Wracks all move up through cover to get to the forward objectives, supported by the Chronos engines. They will then hunker down and make you come and get them. The Bikes are harrassers and can kill transports in a pinch. Really The list focuses on pain tokens. Rakarth lets d3 units start with them and I intend for two of those to be the wytches and warriors. The wracks start with them, and the pain engines generate more to add to the surrounding units. Lady Malys allows me to redploy d3 units at the beginning of the game. Tricksey and unforgiving but fun to play.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Volscani 4th Vs Blood Angels Battle Report

I managed to get a rare mid week game in last night against my good friend ElPee, Parker and his blood angels. We decided that since we had painted armies and terrain (and we haven't done one in eons) that we should do a battle report on our game. Now Parker and I are usually up for some oddball stuff to make the game interesting. Since most of the terrain on hand was city ruins, I dug out "Ye Olde Cities O' Death" from the books and we played a 5th edition city fight.

 Right Flank

The mission was to hold as many ruins as we could. In the original game this would have been any unit, but since we are in a 5th edition world only our "troops" could hold. We had 10 buildings and the bridge out for a total of 11 possible scoring points.  We decided on stratagems as follows, then deployed.

Shadowvast: Booby traps, munitions cache, and siege shells
ElPee: Combat Engineers, tank traps(grrr), and a demolition charge

I took a fairly straightforward 2000 point guard army as follows:

Regimental command, autocannon, Meltagun plasmagun, chimera
10 man psyker battle squad in chimera
3x Scout Sentinels with Autocannons
2x 10man Veteran squad with 3 plasma in chimera
10 man veteran squad with 3 meltas in chimera
2x Leman Russ Demolishers
2x Medusa with Cammo netting (which I forgot)

ElPee's Blood Angels looked like this
Epistolary Librarian, Jump Pack, using shield and lance
10 man assault squad with 2 melta guns an infernus pistol and powerfist
10 man assault squad with flamer, infernis pistol and powerfist
10 man tactical with flamer and rocket launcher in a rhino
2x annihilator predators
3x typhoon landspeeders
10 terminators with cyclone missile launcher

So with me deployed and stratagems placed, the board looked like this:
Those markers are my booby traps
So after ElPee decides to reserve everything I roll out to start taking a few buildings....but wait he has a surprise for me....
See those stone barricades? Yeah, those are tank traps, and they are impassible terrain to vehicles.....yeah good times....he basically locked me into my deployment and forced me to split through difficult terrain on my flanks with my vehicles...cagey buddy, cagey....

So after two turns of slogging through the ruins parker decided to show up and fight. He got about half his army, and deployed on my right flank, here:
Things would get crazy from here. My psyker battle squad immobilized itself blocking my exit on the left flank, and forcing me to just push into the marines on the right....can you see why that cammo netting I forgot about would have been handy here?

I moved up in the middle to get my command squad into the tower in front of me and move some troops into buildings. ElPee moved up on that single flank while he waited for those reserves and his HQ to join the fight. His tactical squad stayed in the rhino for now, content to snipe at my Medusas with their rocket launcher. That rocket launcher and those predators would prove fatal to the twin medusas , but that opened a path for my tansports to make a run through the building and take up positions to defend it.
This also allows a really good view of the blasted tank traps I was talking about....grrrrr! I moved my men out on foot to start taking ruins for end game results at this point. The squad on the ground behind the tower was moving to the left towards the manufactorum to the left of the picture. Right about turn 4 things got interesting though.....
The blood angels command joined the party, and downed a demolisher and the vendetta over the next two turns. I had hit them with my psyker battle squad's weaken resolve power to make them leadership 2 when they showed up, but I could not inflict that last wound I needed to force a test on them, so this was the result.

The right flank was a firestorm the whole game with my chimeras making a wall to stop the terminators getting too far into the terrain. I was hoping to knock the storage tanks down on their heads but failed to make that happen twice, and I didn't get the third chance. Elpee played his trump cards on turn 4. In the picture above you can see the crater from him dropping a building down (fortunately I wasn't in it) and then making craters out of my medusas over on the right. He was pressing in HARD on that right flank with the remains of his central assault squad. I used every gun left on that flank and finally killed the powerfist sergeant, but that left those terminators all but ignored until now....uh oh!
As you can see that sergeant about gave me a heart attack! Those terminators were really in my grill on turn 5. After 6 turns of blasting at each other the game ended with Elpee holding the storage tanks, bridge and processing plant, and me holding one manufactorum tower and a cathedral and contesting the second manufatorum. End result 2-2 tie. Awesome game against an awesome opponent. Having painted armies and terrain really made me feel like I was down in the action, looking through windows and doors for fire lanes and cover.

I cannot say enough how much good looking terrain and armies can enhance a great game. All in all we played this game for nearly 4 hours. It got bogged down for rules from cities of death converting to 5th edition, and pictures, but that didn't slow down our good time. Battles like this don't come along every day....just every time I play a game with a good friend like ElPee! And I want a rematch on this one!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Boltgun Battles 3

Well, I went to a local tournament yesterday called Boltgun Battles, and I had a Spectacular time. This was the third annual event held in a town a few miles north of me. Alan Blount organises this every year with the help of his friends and I have to say, they throw a hell of a party. The prize support was spectacular, and more than half of the entrants left with something to show for the day beyond 3 good games. There were some CRAZY games going a necron vs. necron with 5 monoliths and nightbringer between them....did I mention one of those players was a woman!?! (Amanda I LOVED your army, very thematic and well done).

Now, the games were at 2000pts, which is larger than I usually play, so I had to sit down and create a whole new animal. I went through 5 army builds on three different codeci before I settled with Daemons of chaos. I was fairly certain I would be in a minority with them, but more importantly I ENJOY the quirky nature of the army.  I took a sub-optimal list of my own design, that with some tweaking (and about 30 plaguebearers) could be a tough nut to crack. This is how it stood for the tournament:

3x Daemon prince, mark of Nurgle, wings, Daemon Armour and Noxious touch
3 flamers
12 plaguebearers
16 bloodletters
2x 15 bloodletters

Now, I know this is not an "optimal" list, but it hits hard, and I enjoy playing it. I had three spectacular opponents and while the random daemons didn't perform perfectly (and neither did I), I had nothing but fun. Here is a run-down of my games. I can't remember all the details of the lists but here is what I do remember.

In round one I played Afrojoe. Now, Afrojoe had done something similar to me and taken an army he did not normally play. His space marines were really in the growing stages and Afrojoe seemed to be still learning the ropes with them.

Librarian with force dome
Captain with fist in a tricked out command squad in a rhino
3 (possibly 4 but im not sure) 5 man tacticals in rhinos with various gear
typhoon speeder
2 triple lascannon predators.

Now Joe played well, but he had never played the daemons, and I was able through LUCKY drops to get his speeder, one predator, his command and a tactical in the space of 2 turns with my princes.....took all 5 turns to kill everything except an immobilized rhino and one predator which had no guns on it. Joe is super nice guy and we talked after the game about how it went and what could have gone differently. Joe is one of those guys that I would play anytime!

My second game was against Jeremy McClung and his spectacularly painted Howling Griffons marines. This army is GORGEOUS. Jeremy is a super nice guy as well, and we laughed all the way through this game.

Khan on bike with command squad
Librarian with null zone (curses!)
4 tactical squads in razorbacks all with las/twin-plasma
bike squad with a multi-melta attack bike, this one was scoring because of Khan
2 whirlwinds

Now it strikes me that I am missing something, so Jeremy if you read this comment and let me know, because I really like this list. There was an incredible amount of low AP fire coming in, and Fateweaver should have been the savior of my list....except Jeremy shot every gun in his army at him for 2 turns and I eventually failed that third save....after even making two leadership tests to keep him around. Problem is, I had no way to stop null zone, so I had to re-roll all successful invulnerable saves on half the table....which is basically all I had.....hmpf.....This mission was for table quarters and kill the opposing general was a bonus table quarter. While I smeared Khan all over my filth encrusted talons in turn 3, he had killed fateweaver. It came down to a 5 to 3 win for Jeremy on strength of numbers in his scoring units.

Now in round 3 I played Jeff Jenkins, and his mechanised Imperial guard. Again, Jeff if I miss something comment and let me know.

2 primaris psykers as HQ
4 veteran squads in chimeras
pair of Leman Russ battle tanks with hull lascannons
Pair of Executioners (ouch)

This mission was a bad draw for me as there were three objectives in a line across the middle of the table, all out in the open. Then you throw that SICK firepower on a daemon and I just melted under the fire here. Jeff was ready to throw Fateweaver across the room by turn four, but we both had a good game. It was fun and in the end I lost 2 to nothing.

In the end I was 1-2 on the day with a total of 16 battle points. I have not seen the final painting, comp or sports scores so I am not filled in on the placements over all, but I did walk away with on HELL of a prize:BEST SPORTSMAN! I had NO idea I was even in the running. I went to have some good games and a good time, and I aceived that in spades, but the sportsman award was AWESOME!! and the prize support for it was....well......THIS!!!

Yes...that is a Knight titan....WOOT!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Drew Part 1: Da Bomb!

Drew has this for his initial order: The whole thing!! 

Alright, got my 1500 list written and models ordered.....and of course I went to extremes, so buying, building and painting will be a pain! lol


9 wyches:
1 hydra gauntlet
blast pistol
phantasm grenades
haywire grenades

raider transport:
torment grenade
retrofire jets
envenomed blades
night shields

10 wyches:
2 hydra gauntlets
blast pistol
phantasm grenades
haywire grenades

raider transport:
torment grenades
retrofire jets
envenomed blades
night shields

10 reavers:
3 heat lances

10 reavers:
3 heat lances

10 reavers:
3 heat lances

general idea is to zoom the wyches into position for objective based games and let them unleash nasty combat goodness on whatever enemy unit is trying to capture the objective. meanwhile, the raiders and 3 out of every squad of the reavers have tank busting capability. the wyches with haywire grenades can also attempt tank busting in a pinch. any infantry units not able to be engaged by wyches will take fly-by hits from reavers as well as volleys from their poisoned splinter rifles.

yes, there are some holes in that list, but i like the models, it's fast, and it has capability to deal with most units. now we all know how i roll, so really, it doesn't matter what list is "best" i'll still flub it on the table!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Tale part Deux

Drew texted me today with his initial take on a 1500pt force.....shockingly close to mine....

Lelith Hesperax
9 Wytches in a Raider
10 Wytches in a Raider
3x 10 Reaver jet bikes

Wow....2 troops in gutsy, even leaving it all in reserve while the bikes fly around the board killing transports. He plans to table what he plays, but we'll see how well this works out.

Next up: Play-testing with the new toys.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Tale of Two (addicted) Gamers

Well, I have my second miniature group ordered now. I have added the following, which will make a playable army somewhere above the 500 point range so I can begin testing.

Urien Rakarth
2x boxes of Wytches
Webway Portal

These are really just filler pieces to make it a legal army. There are a bunch more things that I am likely to need to convert or buy multiple boxes of to complete. The force after wave 2 (no grear) looks like this:

Urien Rakarth

9 Wytches in raider
20 Wytches on foot for portal
10 Warriors

2x 6 Bikes

Again this is a partial force, but I plan on getting some Hemonoculi as a second HQ and dropping the Archon. I will need more warriors to get the bits for a Trueborn tank busting squad, and I need to convert 3 bombers and a parasite engine or two as the anchors of the list. So far so good!

Friday, October 15, 2010

A tale of two (Addicted) gamers

A few of the guys at Armoury games (plus myself) are building Dark Eldar armies starting in a few weeks. Drew and I decided that this would be a great opportunity to take a look into the very organic process of conceiving of, buying modeling and painting the same army from two different perspectives. Even though we are starting from the same army book, we are taking VERY different approaches to the army. In the end of this process we should have two playable and hopefully competitive armies that function in different ways. We hope to tell the story of how we got to the finished product through a step by step story. We will buy 250+ point chunks of army and explain why we chose the units we did, including intent for units purchased and not finished at each stage.

My starting design concept for the army is called the Cabal of the Sundered Storm. While I haven't totally settled on a final color scheme, I am thinking about armor plating somewhere darker than Dark Angels green. I recently bought an airbrush so the lightening camouflage pattern  is my first trial at lining with it. As far as an army list is concernedI originally had a few ideas for lists.

The first was a simple wall of warriors with maxed out dark lances.....
The second idea was a Hellion based list with maxed out hellions....
The third was a Vect Based Alpha Strike list with maxed out ravagers and warriors in raiders....
The fourth idea was an air-force based on reaver jet bikes...
The fifth idea involved a pain circus with grotesques and wracks as troops with the kabalite trueborn as gunships....(still like this idea)

Currently I am leaning to center the list around an air-force/raider assault. To be more specific I am going to max out on the jet-bikes and bombers (or ravagers) and use wytches in raiders to clear the field. As far as a leader....well that is where things get murky. I could use an Archon, I could use Vect, and I could use Lelith Hesperax or several of the other characters for that matter.... That part can wait for now though. I spent about an hour going through the codex today and while I didn't write out a list I have an idea of where to go.

My first purchase was the codex, an Archon, a raider, some wytches and 12 bikes. A good start to be sure. Lets see what Drew comes up with once he gets a look later this week.....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Defense of Drask


The Drask system lies deep in the Galactic North East. It lies far from Major routes to anywhere….in real-space. The fourth planet from a bright Blue star, Drask IV is an H Type planet, with a breathable, though severely polluted atmosphere and a population of more than 40 billion. As a manufactorium planet it is unable to feed itself as nearly 80% of it’s surface is covered with urban sprawl centered around regional Hive cities. What Drask lacks in Agriculture it more than makes up for in raw ceramite sheeting production and stamping. This output arms and protects the tow nearest Imperial regimental recruitment hubs on Valhalla and Tallarn.
Then there is the matter of the local shipping routes. Due to the ever changing tides, currents and eddies in the Empyrean the system currently sits on one end of a jump point to a system within 500 light-years of Terra. If the forces of destruction should take control of this jump point then The siege if Terra could happen again….with ease…..
Inquisitor Pranix Leads 5 Battle companies of the Space Wolves, elements of the Cadian 301st and The Tallarn 14th in retaking the 9 hollow worlds from Huron Blackheart. Drask has elevated production levels in support. As the production push is foremost on the minds of the forge supervisors, they miss tell-tale warp signatures at the edge of the system. Only the failsafe warning beacons mark the approach of Xenos and Heretic ships….

Im running a campaign at Armoury Games in Pickerington. This is the fluff for it. If you are interested let me know here with a comment. I have this set up for 12 players, but I can make room for more if needed.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Work work work!!!!

Well not much going on this week. I have taken on a squad of Blood Angel Successor Sanguinary Guard. I have a test scheme approved by the owner, and I'll post some pix tonight if I get a chance.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ultramarines the movie

Ultramarines the movie

Huge site update. We need to support this one, and I for one will likely order a collectors set.

Monday, September 27, 2010

WOW...just WOW....

I can't decide whether to lugh or cry here....a model designated as $36 British pounds on release in a few weeks selling for $110.....DUMB

Forge World Necron Tomb Stalker Pre -release

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gamesday 2010 reveals....Dark Eldar and more!!

Well lots to see here, but there are more big drops here outside the Dark Eldar!

Thanks to Warseer and the various GD attendees that got these pics for us stateside!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Day for news

New Dark Eldar Warrior:

New Grot Mega Tank:

And my fav!!

Necron Tomb Stalker:

I gotta have three of those stalkers!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Throgg's Throng

Well here it is. I did a ton of theory hammer on this list, and after hours of toiling over this, I am still not convinced it would work....That said, this is a great characterful list that should be a ton of fun!!

Throgg has been roused from his normal hunting grounds and pushed southward into the realms of men by twin chaos sorcerers that were sent by Archaon himself to find a way to open a second front on the empire and assist the Dark elves in pushing through Nordland. Throgg reluctantly agrees under the promise of booty and more skulls to add to his trophy pile.


2x Chaos Sorc. Mark of Tzeentch, Disc, lvl 2 caster, power familiar

4x 6 trolls

2x Hellcannon

3x 10 Warhounds

5 Warhounds

The plan is pretty simple. Deploy forward with the large hound units screening the advance of the trolls. The hellcannons force movement and the trolls do the killing. Now I might be a noob to fantasy, but i'm smart enough to know there are a lot of ways to get out flanked or shot to death. I plan on leaving the small hound unit behind as a rapid reaction speed-bump. What do you think? Aside from the fact that my wallet is already crying.....

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Warhammer FB 8th edition

I played my first real full scale 8th edition game today with my vampire counts army. I really like the way the system has been streamlined. There were a couple of minor changes that really made my list hurt....some easy stuff I had over looked when reading the rules....

1. bound spells from items now use the dice from your main power pool to go....which means the cap of 12 casting dice hoses them except for a little versatility on a few of the short don't need them in my list....50 found points there....

2. even zombies can kick ass in a horde formation with enough ranks.....

3. Ghouls are really decent shock troops. If I can get the hang of keeping them alive through shooting they should work well as hammer units with the zombie hordes acting as anvils.

4. I like the feel of the vampires in general, but I still want to build my other list idea....2 hellcannon behind about 30 trolls....hee hee!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Painting a new frontier

Well, I splurged this week and finally bought an airbrush. I have been wanting to try one out, and this one will work while I learn and get my technique down. In any case I have been surfing "teh interwebz" looking for more information to help me get started. I found this video VERY helpful. You might as well. LBursley talks about paints and why they are NOT all the same....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

GD 2010 photos

I'll let some of these speak for themselves.

This is from the front of the line, taken a full hour ahead of gate opening!!


Dont look up!!



This is the plague fortress that was detailed on the GW main site....this and even the pics from their site do NOT do this justice!!


This is a close up of  the forces on the plague fortress

 Red Orktober

Full scale Scorpion Helmet and Shuriken Pistol


Yes MegaDave, they really look like that...

THQ was there with this 8' tall Ork mugging for pix.

And Forgeworld showed off the Eldar Phantom Titan. It is hard to see but that tiny grey splotch at his right foot is a falcon tank!!!!!!!! OMG this thing is BIG, and should be available before Christmas!!!!!

And Finally the best for last.....

This last one WILL BE MINE, OH YES!!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Baltimore Gamesday 2010

So another GD is behind us. We had a great time with friends and learned a few cool tidbits. Forgeworld Imperial Armor 9 & 10 will detail the Badab war and contain detail for all of the chapters involved. It looks like IA 11 will be eldar and space wolves. Look for the phantom Titan before the end of 2010 if production goes smoothly. I have some pix to post when I get home. 'Til then!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

well, here it is, another reason to abandon real life for good.....

Monday, August 9, 2010

It's that time again

Well today is my Wife's birthday. I snuck in a flower delivery to her at work. As I type this she should be getting them. Happy Birthday Ronda. Love you!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Every time I think that pre-Heresy ers Thousand sons list is dead in the water.....

See THIS link....  Ok combine those with THESE and THESE , and you can have a very convincing Warhammer 30k army.....

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Horde O' DOOOOOOOMMMMM guard weak points

Well I posted the strong points and the guts of the list. I went through things for a player to keep track of (like keeping those commissars to the front of the mob) and what kind of support units would really help the mobs. Now I need to talk about what kinds of things could really hurt it.

1. massed templates will ruin this lists day. Another guard army with twin manticores or lots of russes will melt it.

2. anything that can reduce leadership like a psyker battle squad could make it run, as they over-ride the stubborn rules.

3. high initiative hordes like hormagaunts in the tyranid list would eat this alive. they go first all day long, and when coupled with paroxysm will make you hit last and hit on 5s.

These are just a couple of examples, but are enough for me to not try this list, even though I likely could field it now with the models in the box downstairs. How do you counter these big holes? you tell me. If i can find a suitable counter to this stuff I might try to make it work. Besides, once I see the look on my opponents face as 150 guardsmen come running accross the table it might be worth it!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Horde tactics with Imperial Guard

I have been discussing this tactic with a few friends, and I have seen it posted around the net in different forms. Can it be done? CAN you make an effective assault based imperial guard list? I think so, and this is how I might try it. Now, our local games are normally based at 1750 points, so I will stay at that limit for this list.

HQ is easy. I think twin Lord Commissars, each with a powerfist. These will be split one to each mob, which I will get to in a moment. I would also take 4 munitorum priests, each with an eviscerator. Here I split them into pairs, one with each mob, as dicussed below.

For Troops I take 2 identical platoons as mobbed up squads, the "mobs" I was referring to above. Each as follows: Junior officer with power weapon, add a Commissar with a power weapon. Then add 5 infantry squads each sergeant has a power weapon and commissar with power weapon. This totals 64 models each, or 128 between the two mobs. Each platoon deploys to the front of your deployment zone, with as much as they can muster in cover. Then move forward and run screaming at your enemy. These squads will never get all of their attacks at once, but you can move all of those special weapons toward the front lines. Even if just these get into combat it looks like this: 4 s6 powerfist hits, 6 s6 eviscerator hits, 48 s3 power weapon hits....then the regular joes hit.....2 attacks each x50.....well you get the idea. Now there are a few things to remember about alist like this, and it looks scary, but check this out.

-Without exception all of those attacks are made at initiative 3 or less.

-These squads are Leadership 10, with multiple commissars in the units, they are NOT going to break.

-All of these guys are on foot, so you are moving almost 125 models by hand, and deploying 125, and then removing most of them every my back hurts already!

-On the same note your opponent is already scratching his head wondering if he can kill that many models before they get to him....and I haven't even touched on the support for this list, just the core at less than a thousand points spent!!! Something to be said for intimidation....

So how DO you support this? well, you need a ton of anti tank to crack open tin cans so your mobs can eat the gooey needs to be mobile, and long lived. While there are several ways to do this, I think a squadron or two of  lascannon load-out vendettas should do it. I also think a few heavies to support the combat with higher strength are in order. Two chimeras with maxed out ogryn squads should do well in that role. Ok so assume 4 vendettas, and 2 squads of ogryns, and you are looking at north of 150 models without any armour value higher than 12 in truly frightening list.

-Will it crumble quickly? no, but you will be putting models away as fast as you got them out, so get used to that.

-Will it break and run? no never. Those commissars are the last models removed, and until they are dead, the squads go nowhere.

-Can it hold objectives? not well. Really this list needs to be played with a conga-line approach to objectives, or have a veteran squad or two left in the backfield with more heavy weapons.


Monday, July 19, 2010

And the wheels they keep on turnin'

Those of you who know  me know I am CONSTANTLY thinking of list ideas and bouncing them off my friends. The only downside to this is the size of my wallet. With 8th edition fantasy now available I am thinking about a couple of lists to give me some variety over just my vampires. What do you all think?

List 1: Chaos Mortals Troll Hammer
      chaos sorcerer on disc with level 4 upgrade
      chaos sorcerer on disc with level 4 upgrade
     Troll king Throgg

 3x 6 trolls

2x 5 hounds

2x dragon ogre shaggoth with great weapon

 List 2: Ogre Kingdoms Oni of DOOOOOOOOMMMMM.....hur, hur, hur......

2x Butchers

2x 6 bulls
6 ironguts

2x 5 lead belchers
2x 20 gnoblar fighters

2x scraplaunchas

Both lists are hammers with serious magical support, if not the same theme. I think the ogres will get a (stolen) Oni theme, various shades of blue skin for all but the butchers (greens) and the leadbelchers (reds). The ogres rely on impact and stomp hits with buffs from the butchers.

The Trolls are a regeneration nightmare. The sorcs can throw spells all day long and the real hammers here are the shaggoths. The lists are both small model counts that rely on the monstrous infantry rules to inflict damage. I have screening units in both to help get them into combat intact and magic to bust a few holes in things as I close in. What do you all think? Which one would do better? They the same? I think ogres have the shooting advantage, where the trolls can regenerate....

Friday, July 16, 2010

Warhammer 8th is upon us

I've been kind of musing about Warhammer fantasy for a few years. I even had a full night goblin list a few years back I ended up dumping on E-bay....boy do I regret that. Well the new version of the rules looks fantastic (the collectors edition rulebook certainly helps), and I am now officially psyked to get some games in. I have about 90% of a vampire counts army on hand. Though the original concept from a year ago has changed, I do think I am going to try and make them a magical power house list.

Ill start with Mannfred....almighty Mannfred Von Carstein. Awesome in his own right 8th edition has given him one heck of a boost. Combine him with another vampire or two with masters of the dark arts and BAMM one awsome magic phase.....I might even throw in a pair of magic staffs from the Arcane items list....yes tasty...I'll even back that up with a pair of corpse carts with balefire....-2 on all those casting rolls for you!

The old Horde rule was just MADE for zombies. Especially with a vamp hiding in a unit of 60....
2 units of skellies and some ghouls to guard the flanks of that mess, some grave guard as a hammer, and even a varghulf for artillery hunting.

It all sounds great on paper, but you know what they say about the best laid plans.....

Friday, July 9, 2010

Buckeye Battles RTT July 9

Well, I did it. I jumped back in to the competitive tournament scene with both feet, and swam surprisingly well despite having been almost 2 years since my last "major" tournament. I played with my mechanized Volscani 4th traitor Imperial Guard in the Buckeye Battles RTT today along with a couple of other guys from the Armoury. Richard and Tim. While I can't remember score specifics, the both did really well too.

Game 1 is always an unknown in these things because you start out with no indication of how your day is going to go. Contrary to my usual negative self, I decided that dammit, I was gonna have a good day, socres be damned. Brian, my first opponent played eldar from a flotilla instead of a craftworld. He called them the "Featherblade Strikeforce". I really liked his cool teal color with a warm bone trim. Nice army, super nice guy. While I don't remember specific units he had one wave serpent and one falcon, the rest was on foot. I won first turn and started peeling his infantry half a squad at a time. The deployment was a slightly modified spearhead with a 9 inch radius center circle. Table quarter deployment allowed me to place poor Brian's foot eldar mostly in the open. Since there were 5 objectives I had decided to hold 3 and blow him off the other 2. This worked out well until turn 4 when his stupid fast tanks flew right over to my objectives....grrrr. Long story short I managed to pull a minor victory, but killed enough of his stuff to make it a major victory. Max score of 50 first round.

Game 2 was against Eric from the Soldiery, another FLGS in north Columbus. Three objective mission with 12 inch long board edge deployment. He had Nurgle chaos marines. 3 10 man plague marine units on foot, lord with nurgle mark and daemon weapon, 6 obliterators and a unit of 10 terminators with reaper, combi flamer and combi melta. Lots of pun intended. What should have been a much harder game for me turned easier thanks to Eric's astoundingly bad dice rolls. I think he killed one tank the whole close combat....Game over after 5 turns, 2 objectives to none, major victory for me.

Game 3 saw me *GASP* in a 4 way tie for first place!!!!! WOW that has NEVER happened to me before. I drew Jason Garner as my last opponent...oh no, my unicorn....(long story). He plays Eldar with Eldrad and a 10 man council.....ICK. This was a kill point mission, with 16 inch long board edge deployment. I can give up 25 kill points the way this mission was written, so it was dicey to start. Since I had 2 psyker battle squads, a full 320 of my 1750 was completely useless before we even deployed. Eldrad has runes that force psychic tests to be 3 dice....'nough said.  Then he got first turn and killed both Demolishers before I could use them.... it did go reasonably well from there, but I just could not recover from the first turn handicap. In the end it was 10 kill points to 4, a 10 point Major loss.

I loved the tournament and had a great time. Apparently that showed because I took home the best sportsman award. I think that was the best award there, and I am extremely proud of it. You all humbled me by awarding me with it, so a hearty thank you, I am glad you had as good a time against me as I had playing you!!

So what did I take away? Simple 2 things, play to enjoy it. It shows and if your goal is fun, then you win regardless of your final scores. 2. im dropping one psyker squad and the HQ I took this time for a smaller HQ and adding either an executioner or a second prize for the day. Haven't decided yet. LOL

Thanks to the guys running the event, Chris, Parker, Daniel, Doug, and all the rest. It was well run, smooth and above all FUN!!! (oh and MegaDave you still owe me that game!!)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's been a while....

Well I had my break, and the beach fully recharged my batteries. I am fully ready to kick someone in the gibblies (or get kick if it comes to it) on Friday the 9th July at Buckeye battles 40k RTT.  You can see the details here. My local gaming club is helping to run the event and you can see their site, along with the missions here.

I really am looking forward to this, as I get to throw down with the best that central- Ohio (and a large part of the mid-west) has to offer.

On a side note I got bumped out of the campaign by a last minute rally from Richard, so now they are down to the last game this week to determine the winner. Good luck guys! (curses!!)

Warhammer Fantasy Battles (WHFB) releases it's 8th edition rules on July 10, so I'll be making a trip to The Armoury to pick up a copy. I ordered the collector edition which is supposedly sold out. I hope Bruce was able to get me a copy as the sales rep told him (crosses fingers)

Now on to the important question....what army to do....Throgg troll army or skeleton horde vampires?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

40k MMO teaser

Well it looks like Dec 31st is going to be a BIG day.....

Space marine playable, good and bad, orks and guard all shown.....OOOOOOO  titans!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Campaign continues

Well round four this week went well. I went 2-1. My first game was a rematch with Mike and his Necrons that saw me kill him off 4 vp to 3 after the games ended on turn 5. His lord had a phylactery and MIGHT have gotten up at the start of turn 6, but he only had about 15 models left, and he was fairly close to phasing anyway.

Game 2 was a challenge from Richard. Now Richard is a new player, and challenged me simply because he has not played my yet in the campaign....tabled him on turn 4.....His Blood Angels just are not working for him and he needs some additional help in his list building. Over-all Richard has a lot of potential, but Daemonzilla at him for lunch.

Game 3 was the return of count fluff and his poisonous bugs....this went poorly for me as it usually does against Fluff's list. His gaunt all have toxin and adrenal, so they are 3 attacks each at initiative 6. He then proceeds to re-roll all 1's to hit, and against my troops he re-rolls wounds... his wave of 20 gaunts puts out 60 swings with all those re-rolls and goes first 90% of the time.....Against my big stuff he still only needs 4 to wound due to the poison, but loses the re-rolls. Even as such, I was tabled on turn 4.

I have an idea that MIGHT work. I plan on replacing my second Blood Thirster with a Keeper of Secrets, adding 3 units of Flamers of Tzeentch and changing all of my troops over to daemonettes who will at least get to attack before Fluff kills them....I might do a big unit of fiends in place of one of the flamer units as well.....

Oh well, I'm having a ball with the campaign even though it looks like my three losses to Fluffy are keeping me out of the winner circle.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Origins Game Fair 2010

Well I have been scheming away at a HUGE project for the Origins Game Fair this year. The guys over at have announced the finalized schedule, so I can let you in on the project a bit. I am working on the central terrain piece for the Tyranid invasion games. The scenario portrays  a tyranid invasion (duh) on a spaceport fueling depot. The Imperial Guard are holding at all costs for those last transports to get away. The guard are gonna die, but they intend to sell their lives dearly. (Think the Alamo, or that fort scene in Starship Troopers). The central building is a large warehouse hanger designed to store either a Leman Russ squadron or a Baneblade.

I am now down to working details, as the walls are complete, and the building has a base to sit on. I am making a small landing pad on the roof that is just large enough for a Valkyrie or vendetta transport. There will be some lighting on the interior, and the roof is removable to allow access to the interior....I had to do that, the building is 24" wide by 24" long!!!!!!! IT IS FRICKIN HUGE! This thing will engulf  2 Banblade tanks with room to spare inside! ( I know, I tried it Hee Hee)

The details are turning into a real bear to get completed the way I want and not overwhelm myself when it comes to painting time this weekend. There are so many things I would love to accomplish, but I am trying to be realistic and not get carried away. This thing needs to be playable first, and pretty second. So as I sit here, I am down to working those details into what has become the single most challenging project I have ever worked on. Thanks to the 40korigins crew for giving me this opportunity.

To those Tyranid players, have at it...and to the guard, least you'll have a pretty castle to die in!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What do YOU want from YOUR game?

I have been thinking recently that something is missing from my games...I don't know what it is, and I'm sure you might have a few ideas. See, I have been thinking about all the different ways to play 40k and wondering to myself what is missing from the current "scene" I am playing in.

I get to paint new units for my army.

I get to model new stuff for my army.

I get to show said new stuff on the table top while pounding my opponents head in. (or getting beaten myself)

I get to theory out new lists and try different combos out.

I even get to go to the occasional tournament too.

So what am I missing? I dunno. Burnout has become a defining factor in my gaming. I even caught myself ranting about a scenario right after ranting about some douche bags throwing a final game in tournament just to hold scores. (Gawd I hate that). So I have become "that guy" in some fashion or another.

You know them, "those guys" who want to bitch and complain all the time to justify their own failings. I have to say that I hope to never fully become "that guy". With all that said I think we all have some of that in us and we need to let it go. In the end we are all getting together to hang out with our friends, and using the toys as an excuse to do it. What ever excuse I might use, general ass-hattery is never an option and I fell victim to the temptation this past weekend. So on that note , I formally apologize to my opponent, Mike and all who had to listen to me Bitch and make a fool of myself.

I guess what I am missing is relaxation. I have let it all get to me, so I need some relaxation. I'm takin' a vacation soon that should help burn some of this stress away. Now to add gas to the fire I get back to my original question.....what do YOU want to see? Drew (the other Kommando at the FLGS) and I would love to hear your ideas for 40k and WHFB events so we can begin work on the next series of events. You tell us want you want and we will do our best to deliver it.

Follow this blog, and watch the message boards at for upcoming event details. While space is limited, the fun is not!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

ya lose some and you lose some.....oh and mebbe swing a win here and there...

Well I had a spectacularly bad day at my league yesterday. I lost to Count Fluff and his bugs for the second time in a row, mostly due to my own mistakes....again. Then I challenged Mike and his Necrons, full of confidence that I could take him apart in close combat....only to get totally screwed by the scenario/terrain, and then make a HUGE mistake in the last two turns that tilted it over into a second loss for me....Drew, man I really thought the terrain rules were a bit too harsh. That said, live and learn, and I apologize for getting all heated about it. It's just a game, I say that all the time. So I guess that makes me a hypocrite. I'm sorry man, I'll take my lumps and like it! lol.

So I owed Craig a game and thought, cool, I can relax and have a good game with a great friend mebbe even scratch a draw...(I never hope to beat Craig he basically taught me the game by kicking my ass over and over). I should have known better. My army was completely incapacitated by the end of turn now its about 5 pm and i'm down 0-3 on the day.....ugh.

Well around that time Nick came in and needed to get his game in, so I thought "well, what the worst that can happen?", I should have seen it coming. Nick plays Dark Angels. While his codex is older he has a VERY solid list that can handle most opponents. I managed to get Nick to separate his devastator squads, then jumped him. By the end of turn 7 he had a rhino and his lone drop pod left. I feel dirty, as it went all pear shaped for him from the word go. NIick if you read this man, I'm sorry. You happened to have the ideal army for me to exploit, and after three trouncings in a row I was in a MOOD for blood.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ultraforge Greater War Demon review

Well, I wne t and bought another of Ultraforge miniatures excellent line of resin models. This time I plunked down the cash for the "greater war demon". While this beast is clean, and I mean clean...only one mold line on the whole model, it has other issues. I like the sculpt, but the wings almost seem like an afterthought. If you were to repose this model standing up, it would illustrate this better, but after looking at it for a while I realized the wings are only about half of the size they would need to be to let this thing fly. Also, his arm has a cavity sculpted out of it so it will fit over the leg due to it's almost curled up, crouched pose. Also, the kit comes with magnets to magnetize the wings for transport. While this seems like a good idea, in reality the magnets provided are not strong enough. Also, the pose has the daemon holding his sword up high enough that if you take the wings off, you leave the sword sticking up and exposed even more than if you just glue the wings on.

And that's it for the really, that's all. The molds are as well designed as the Vrock I did a while back, if not better. There is only a single place I needed a small amount of putty to cover a break on the edge of the leg where it joined the body. I am certain this was broken in shipping due to the extremely thin resin along the leg joint. All in all this is another nice model from Ultraforge. Is the price correct on this one? No, I don't think it is. I think this one should be a bit lower, closer to the price of the Vrock. I understand those magnets are an additional expense, but if the whole reason for having them is voided by the scuplt leaving the sword exposed to the same thanks, I'll order a larger tray for him with the money I save from a lower model cost instead.

"Can I get a moment of silence up in here?"

Ladies and Gentlemen, one of the founding fathers of metal has left the building....

Ronnie James Dio died Sunday at 67. He lost the war with stomach cancer.

He will be missed....

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Well, I'm still here. Work and family life have taken a HUGE chunk of my hobby time for the last week. My next project should come in at the FLGS tomorrow. I ordered the ultraforge Greater War Daemon to represent my buffed Bloodthirster in the 40k campaign I am in and WIP as I get started this weekend.

I am also hip deep in the bombed out tank factory I am making for Origins. I originally wanted to have a multi-story structure with removable levels, but time and some play-testing have proved that to be a bad idea. The result is a (only slightly) lower, more squat structure that has some battle damage to it. Since the structure is under siege by Tyranids in the scenario it is to be used in, I have been working with ways to create acid damage. I am having some fun with it, and I really hope everyone likes it!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

FLGS Campaign update

Well I have two game turns under my belt in our campaign at the FLGS. We are using the battle missions book, for missions in every game. The missions are determined by two players dicing off for their armies missions, then rolling for the specific mission.

The first round saw me play Kennedy's Tau in a Tau mission. All those guns are rough to deal with, but at round five I was sitting on a draw, one objective mine, and one to Kennedy. I was on the third sweeping him off when the game ended. DRAW

The second round was a Tyranid mission against Fluffy and his bugs. ALL area terrain was dangerous and difficult. Boy that really made things rough. This one ended in a loss due to losing a large unit of scoring bloodletters in a DS mishap, then having bad scatter on my two princes. This left them isolated. Then the Keeper hit a mishap and he was placed all the way at the other end of the board and swamped. So I lost 5 of 10 units due to bad DS...that's chaos for ya! LOSS

I am having SO much fun with this one. I'll keep you updated as the turns progress.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wyrd MIniatures--Malifaux

I stumbled onto this new skirmish game through a couple of podcasts, D6 Generation, and (GASP) 40k radio. Everything I have heard about it is awesome, and the minis are INCREDIBLE! Check them out here:

I picked up the book and read it this weekend, and I LOVE the story. It is truly original and true to the world they are depicting. This game world encompasses steam punk, Gothic horror, Victorian horror, fantasy, lovecraftian parallel universes and even cowboys! Sheesh, a little of everything.

The great thing about this game is that you can get a complete army/crew/gang, the rulebook and the fate deck for less than $100!!!!!!!!

Total outlay for the game at less than $100 is incredible, especially given the quality involved. The miniatures are some of the best in the industry, and really convey the character and feel of the creatures and people they are portraying. The detail is superb, though some of the joints are a bit fiddly, and clearly meant for a more advanced modeler. There is definitely a horror edge to the models and the art in general, some of it is really gritty in it's feel.

I suggest you give this game a shot, even if only a few games. the unique dice-less system really shines in it's originality.

I have to say 4.5 stars out of 5...

Monday, April 26, 2010

"POWWAH!!!"--Jeremy Clarkson reads my mind

OK, I have a chaos daemon army...I admit it. It is a guilty pleasure to see my opponent get all sweaty and start making mistakes when I set down 4 or 5 monstrous deep-strike.....all at one time.....

I am playing in (not running for once, thanks Drew!) a 40k campaign at my FLGS. The first campaign turn took place this past Saturday, and even though I scored a draw (stupid variable game length...grrrr) I had more fun than I have had in a LONG time. There are quite a few reasons this is happening.

First, I am playing games with people I genuinely like to be around. Not just my opponent Kennedy (who is a super nice guy), but everyone there. I don't have the universal jerk syndrome right now at the Armoury....(Gawd I hope it stays that way)

Second is my army. I haven't played the daemons in a while. I kind of wanted to play my Necrons in the campaign, but when another player stepped up there, I decided to spread out the armies and go with daemons. Why you ask? Don't they suck? Aren't they really chancy?

Why yes they are....and I think part of my love of the army is those factors. They press me to be a better player, and reward my really aggressive nature on the table. So how did I arrive at the Jeremy Clarkson quote as a title? Simple. 4 monstrous creatures.

FYI go watch Jeremy and his pals on the show is Top Gear. Even if you aren't a car guy these three are FUNNY!

The list is a quad power list using the strengths of every power....for now. I have a blood thirster and Keeper as my HQ, back by Tzeentch and Nurgle princes, then blood letters and plague bearers as troops. I currently have a large unit of blood crushers as a support/anvil unit as well.

I plan on making a few minor changes as the campaign goes on. First and foremost is to drop the keeper for a second Bloodthirster. Then I plan on losing the crushers to upgrade the Tzeentch prince to a Nurgle prince with noxious touch, and adding more numbers to my troops.

In the long run the list will drop the big guys as wave one and the troops in wave two (in a perfect world). That lets me get right in my opponents face and set them on the defensive while i drop my troops on the objectives.

So, I think I have a decent plan, we'll see how it plays out. Kennedy's Tau certainly didn't like the daemons, but Tim's Mechanized Eldar might not feel as bad about facing them.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I would say this confirms it....

as if we didn't already know....

So a little left field I know....

I heard something over the weekend at a parenting and motivational speech that really struck a chord in me....

"As Iron sharpens Iron, so a friend sharpens a friend" -- proverbs 27:17

Now, I am not a religious guy, but the truth of this statement really hit me. I have truly been shaped and challenged by my friends over the years. The people I care about outside of my family, Parker, Chris, Damon, Jeph, Craig, have all helped me better myself and I hope you have been challenged by me as well. If we do not challenge and each other to be better people on a daily basis we get dull, and fall into patterns or "ruts" if you will. This can be applied to gaming as well as day to day "real life".

Now I'm not gonna get all weepy and start gushing, I just wanted to take a second, and say thanks guys, I am better for knowing you!

Friday, April 16, 2010

If I were Napoleon where would I go? Waterloo!!!

Well, I have a habit of leaving myself a blind-spot. Farseer Jenkins pointed it out for me in his comment on my Socrates post. I have been off the grid in the hills and sticks of southern Kentucky for a few days with little else to think about. I think my core scoring system is sound, if in need of a heavier point allocation to the mission objectives. In the example I used before I was using 1500 point armies. Let's stay at that level for the sake of consistency.

A revised score might look like this:

1500 points possible for killing your opponent (and yes I know there is the strategy of coming to a 1500 point tourney with a 1400 point army)
1000 for primary objective
700 for secondary objective
300 for tertiary objective

Now, bear in mind these point totals can be adjusted upwards to balance with larger armies. I think 130-150% of the army size in play is about right. This means kills are important but not all important.

An example of how this balances comes up ALL the time at the armoury...I call it pulling a draw from the jaws of defeat....take 3 of 5 objectives with only 3 models left on the table at the end of the game. In this case the "losing" player has essentially tabled his opponent and still "lost". His kill points would offset that issue, and balance out the scoring, creating a more balanced score. In other systems this might create more chances for tie scores, but here, there is enough variability in the scoring that SHOULDN'T be an issue. What do you think now?

We are looking at 3500 points possible a round. Now, NO ONE is going to go three games and table all his opponents with no casualties, so a perfect score is technically an impossibility. "So what?" you ask? I think this works well to eliminate the tie scores I have seen so many of over the years. What do you all think?