Monday, February 14, 2011

30K Thousand Sons update

I mentioned a while back that I was planning out a Heresy Era Thousand sons army. In that same post I mentioned looking at several different Army books and failing to be satisfied with the ability of the existing armies to create a list that would "feel" like a smaller elite army that relies on sorcery for most fo it's "punch". I did settle on using the Space Wolves due to the ability to take 4 HQ choices and make them all runepriests to weight the magic use in the army. Now, I tried to tell myself that the inherent "wrongness" of using the mortal enemies of the army I am playing to represent them was all in fun, and a good joke....but it WAS wrong. I still do not feel right about it (too much fluff nazi I know).

I am now seeing lots of rumors surrounding the upcoming Grey Knights book, and to be totally honest, I think that if even half of what the internet is saying is true, the Grey knight book will be a better fit for my army without a rule set to hang their helmets on.

Is it perfect? No. I would rather have a chaos book that would work for them, or heck even a loyalist I'll hold on until I read the Grey Knights book and make a call. In the meantime I have made a bit of progress on them. I am building a Stormraven to use as either part of the army if I use the GK book, or part of the display board if I don't. I also have Azek Ahriman to tabletop standard. Here's some pix:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Drask round 2 results

Well the mission went well and all had good HARD fought games. In the end Mike and PyroJeff pulled out Major victories to claim the extra Campaign points on offer. PyroJeff's Blood Angels are pulling into a small lead with a strong base of operations. Mikes Blood Angels are a strong second. They also have now established a landing zone and can begin to push for the shield generators surrounding Hive Primus.

Don't leave the Orks, Tau or Ultra marines out of this. The Imperial guard also made an appearance in support of the three companies of marines on the planet. The forces of chaos have been engaged all across the sector, and rumors of cult activity have been confirmed as well.

Can the Blood angels push their advantage and establish supply lines to the hive spire before the Orks and Tau manage to drop the void shields protecting the citizens of Drask IV?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Defense of Drask campaign turn 2

Well the first round of my Defense of Drask campaign went really well. I have four more rounds planned and I hope we will continue to see the 7 or 8 players we had for round one. Planetstrike was rough on some of the armies, so this round is a more traditional capture mission.

Secure the last of your perimeter and prepare for incoming enemy forces. There is no rest....

Victory conditions: capture objectives based on the standard 40K rulebook (must have troops selection within three inches to capture, any unit can contest by moving within three inches.

Number of Objectives: 3

Player deployment: Dice off in the beginning, winner chooses whether to go first or second, player who goes first deploys first in the zone of choice and opponent deploys in the opposite zone. Any number of units can be placed in reserve. Players deploy their army anywhere on their table HALF that is within 12” of a board edge. No units may be deployed closer than 18” to the nearest enemy unit.

Objective deployment: each player can place one objective, no more than one per table quarter, at least 12 inches from the center and at least 12 inches from another objective, one objective placed in the middle of the board.

Objectives of Opportunity:
1. Kill the highest points value HQ
2. Kill the highest points value infantry unit (no HQ, no Jump Infantry, no Beasts, no Cavalry, no Bikes)
3. Kill 50% or more of your opponent's units that are monstrous creatures or have an armor value. If your opponent has no units with an armor value or are monstrous creatures then you automatically achieve this objective.

• MAJOR WIN = Controlling 2+ objectives, opponent controls none = 50 points
• MINOR WIN = Controlling more objectives than your opponent = 40 points
• DRAW = Controlling the same number of objectives = 30 points
• MINOR LOSS = Controlling fewer objectives than your opponent = 20 points
• MAJOR LOSS = Controlling 0 objectives, your opponent controls 2+ = 10 points

Major win will net the player an extra CP so this should push for some bloody fights from these guys!