Monday, June 30, 2014

Welcome 7th tournament at Game Tabel Adventures

The tournament went well with only 12 players, which is low attendance for GTA. The armies being at 2500pts and the allowed Lords of War scared a few off. After having played several games of 7th at full throttle I can tell you it is NOT as bad as people see on paper. The sky is NOT falling, and 40k is more FUN than ever. The system is now wide open to allow you to create a force that will do exactly what you want on the tabletop in a way that works for you. The Lords of war were the big scare point (that and warp charge) and neither turned out to be an issue.

In 12 players there were 3 warhounds, 4 baneblades of various types, and the rest fielded knights. Now, if you look at the available lords of war on the Forge World website here, other than Astra Millitarum most armies only have a couple of options, and some not at all. Other than the Eldar titan and the C'tan I don't see any that are over the top. For all intents and purposes, its all broken, so none of it really is. I really think this MIGHT just be the best edition of 40k yet, given a limited perspective of only a couple of months.

Now we don't see a ton of warp charge stacking in our local meta for a couple of reasons. When 7th released, GTA's owner actually saw the combo potential and played a game with a local daemon player to see how it worked out. The daemon player lost. Now they got in 4 turns and quit, just like Reecius from Fontline Gaming. It was just like their game, LOOOOONNNGGGGG and boring because of all the paperwork and model movement. Also, basic squads of daemons die easily to shooting, and that was something Dan's Salamanders had in spades. Will I try it at some point? Yes, I likely will, but not at a tournament. You simply do not have time in the round to push it far enough to be effective (30+ charge turn 1).

I ended up 2-0-1, upper mid pack. Two wins, but they were not crushing victories. The draw was a near thing against Tyranids. They are still a unicorn for me. In this case they simply stayed in the air where I couldn't hurt them effectively while I mopped all their troops. Outcomes aside I had three great games, made some mistakes, learned a lot and had a great time.

The tournament made me want to do a whole army of Knights for an upcoming tournament, only to find out that knights are now ONLY available as detachments...WTF GW?  So I can field a whole army of them, but it is made up of detachments of 1-3....and this tournament only allows 2 detachments, and no allying within a codex, so I can only take 3, and have to stack something else....

So for now it's back to the drawing board for me....though I do have a maniacal plan that MIGHT just work!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lord Inquisitor "Grey Knight" teaser trailer

Now THIS looks interesting!

The folks working on The Lord Inquisitor  fan movie have been very busy and have offered up a tasty new teaser trailer. It looks amazing, to say the least. Subscribe to their YouTube page, follow them on Facebook!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

First 7th edition tournament in a few days!

I am excited to be playing my first few games of 7th edition with the rules turned all the way up to 11. We are using full 7th edition at 2500 lots of death dealing possible there.

3 Swiss Rounds
2500 Points
7th Edition Rules will be in full effect
No unbound lists!
Eternal War Missions will be used.
Lords of War are allowed
Strong Hold Assault can be used

I have to be excited, I haven't played since April at Adepticon! I am making progress on my allies 

As well as still riding the vacation high 5 days returned!

This was the view from a few windows in the house we were staying in.

Hope to see a few of you at GTA Saturday!