Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Apocalypse is coming 2011

Well here it is, minus a few This is the 5k force I will be bringing to the table on the 8th....unless I change my mind!

As if you didn't see Dies Irae

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holidays winding down...hobby ramping up

Well, with Christmas behind us (mostly) I am starting to look into 2011 and think about what I want from my hobby in the coming year. I am kicking off with a bang on January 8th with a king of the hill apocalypse game, and starting a 4 month long campaign on the 22nd. Nice start.....but then what?

Well...the DE are nearly done until GW can get around to the release of wracks and a few other bits.....
Mike's Blood Angels are a slow trickle, so they will take quite a bit of time to see the end of....
Necrons? well mebbe by September if we are lucky.

Now what? I think it is time to go back and finish (or at least work on) some half finished paint and assembly projects. I've been thinking about the below list and would love to hear what you all think....

AdMech Ordinatus super heavy cannon
Subdjugators jump marine army
Volscani 4th Traitor legion odds and ends. I have 40 or 50 infantry that I could paint, plus about 20 or 30 penal legion troops for them. I also need to add some heavy weapon teams.
Incubi and Mandrakes for the Kabal
Pimpwagon Slaanesh baneblade paint
Plaguetower of Nurgle
Khorne tower of Skulls
15 Necron destroyers I got off Ebay that need to be stripped and fixed

I dunno you tell me. I'm sure I could go through several of these projects by the time the Necron book comes out. Then there is the issue of Gamesday or even Wargamescon this, both or neither?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kabal down!

Well I played Craig this morning with his usual surprising self....and Vanilla marines!?!

The 1850 list below didn't do so well. I looked like I had it all sewn up until the bottom of turn 5. Well, I'm getting ahead of myself, so here is more detail.

I took the list I have been blogging about here, and Craig shows up with almost 60 foot slogging marines.... a nightmare for a heavy anti tank army like mine. He had the below list (from memory):

10 Sternguard in a pod
Multi melta dred in a pod
2 predators with lascannon turrets and no sponsons
10 scouts with heavybolter
10 scouts with missile launcher
3x 10 tactical squads, one with missile, one with multi melta, one with lascannon
Landspeeder with 2 multi meltas

We rolled Dawn of war capture and control.

I took first turn and he did not seize. I essentially moved up the middle of the board behind the central landing pad and dropped my webway right next to the central objective. My reaver jetbikes went right down his right flank killing 3 scouts as they flew by. His shooting was non existent due to night fight, so that was it for turn one.

He dropped in his dreadnought on my right flank next to that objective, and combat squaded all of the marines. He split them into fire bases in ruins on my left side and woods on the right. I killed his dreadnought before it could act, and a few more scouts bit the dust. one tactical combat squad hit the bikes that were close and broke them. Since I only had one left he ran off the board after killing one more scout from the nearby unit.

Turn 3 got more exciting as my wyches ran out of the portal and right into combat with two of his combat squads. 4 turns later and they wer still holding the center of his line, effectively splitting his army in two.

This was a close fought game. I had him pinned into two blobs of cover and he couldn't move out for the objectives without getting shot up. On turn 5 he finally made his move and moved out into open land to take the objective on my left, and his sternguard, using cover denying ammo, to the objective on my right. The remaining combat squad from the center combat finally broke free and moved up to contest the central objective. So at the bottom of 5 we contested all three objectives....and of course the game went on....

On turn 6 he got a lucky multimelta shot off and downed a raider which left its squad out in the open on the left objective....which he blew away with the remaining scouts and marines to take the left. We had a comabt in the center, and he finally took those warriors down to claim the center. On the right I had lost everything to the cover denying boltguns but the raider still contested it. That left it at 2-0 marines.....sigh....T3 SUXX!!!

Lessons learned:
1. Warrior squads can lose the darklances for Splinter cannons. They move in the transport every turn, so the splinter cannon can still fire.

2. T3 sucks, especially combined with S3. Now in order to combat this I am adding a squad of Wracks to the portal assault. They score and have higher toughness....and start with FNP.

3. All units that get into combat need aggonisers...period. This counters lower strength and allows a few wounds to compensate for a lower wound rate on the Wyches.

4. As much as I like the cheap cost and concept of a fleshgauntlet....nope aggonisers FTW.

As much as I am taking away from these games I really think the dark pointy ears are a seriously dangerous list when played correctly. If they can mitigate their opponent's strength and/or foil their battle plan they will win. Otherwise they struggle to hold on with such low toughness combined with almost no armor.

Current record for the Kabal of the sundered Storm: 1-2

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter Storm Apocalypse!!

Well, as I write this I am plotting another nefarious scheme. This time on a big scale. I know I have thrown around the "King of the Hill" title at the Armoury before but this time I think It's serious.....

Coming on January 8th I will be hosting an Apocalypse game at Armoury Games in Pickerington. The game will be a free for all competitive battle to the last man standing....or store hours, which ever runs out first. If time runs out we will determine a winner by point tally on the surviving models. The specifics are as follows:

5000 points per player. This is important as this is a free for all, try to get as close to this total with out exceeding it.

Super heavies, Flyers, and Gargantuan creatures are allowed. Where there are two profiles available, ie one Imperial Armour and a second from a more recent Codex, please contact me or Drew at the store with what you have chosen before game day.

No single units costing more than 1000 points. This means no Reavers, or Heirophant bio titans to end the melee too quickly.

No formations or stratagems from the Apocalypse/Imperial Armour books. This means the only squadrons will be as allowed by 40k codex. These are intended to be used by allied armies....there are none of those here, it is all PvP. This is also to allow a fair win if we run out of time. Formations cost points to run, so this balances things a bit more evenly.

Imperial Armour army lists ARE allowed. Please send a PM or email ( and clear these before the day of the game.

Allies ARE allowed per the chart in the first Apocalypse rule book. (I will make exceptions in extreme cases)

Please come ready to play. This means you need printed copies of the rules, your codex, and any Imperial Armour pieces you are using. No exceptions unless one can be had by photo copy. You will of course need dice, templates and a tape measure as well.

Entry fee is $10 per player to cover expenses. The prize is a plaque on the Anvil and a certificate clearly proclaiming you as "King of the Hill" for 2011.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Dead Shall rise!!!

Well a lot of you will have heard the name "Stickmonkey" in relation to rumors posted on Dakka and Warseer. Here is the latest from the Stick for 2011 beyond the Greyknights.

"Looks like the dead machines may rise again in 2011. I have good information that Necrons should see a revision following GK. What I have heard:

New Codex drops mid year.
WBB changes to FNP for "most" units
New HQ options include "One" new C'Tan. Nightbringer and Deceiver to get new models...and at least one will have optional "incarnations"
New Tomb Spider plastic model. option to create alternate model that is Heavy artillery.
New fast cc focus unit. jump infantry. warrior sized.
new models for immortals.
new "tank" - could be the TS based artillery just referenced from different source.
new MC walker - likely the rumored "Necronmancer" - may be HQ or Heavy-conflicting rumors here.
New plastic Lord with all options.
New named Lord metal blister
New Monolith option...not represented in models to be released.

Also, in other rumors, August is being banted about as Tyranid 2nd wave. To include:
Doom blister
Tyrannofex plastic with options to build as Tervigon - unreliable rumor as to the optional build, but I'm throwing it in Harpy
Tyranid direct only lashwhip bonesword upgrade blister for warriors
"yrmgarll?" direct only genestealer flashgit model, one pose, direct only.

On the flyer front. Theres a rumor of a thunderbolt fighter in design for plastic...from the sound its very early, and if other rumors are true of a "flyer" WD supplemental release, it would not make that cut.

As always, my rumors are typically far off and subject to change. but so far ive got a better hit to miss ratio...hopefully GK wont ruin my record..."

Take all this with a grain of salt but this looks to fall in line with everything we have heard thus far. Color me excited.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Ultramarines Movie

Movie arrived today....WOOT

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Acid test -- Burned

Well I ended up walking into a charity tournament benefiting Toys for Tots. Craig and I wouldn't have had table space without joining the tournament. While I didn't play Craig I did draw MegaDave in the first round.....and lost. Lets just say the glass cannon analogy is completely accurate, if not understated. If you don't do significant damage in the opening turns, you will lose the edge. Put it this way, of the 11 mobile fire Darklances in the list I hit with exactly 0 in two turns of shooting.....which meant that Dave's termie heavy list was in my grill by the time my dice decided to show up.....and game over from there. Good game Dave, but I learned little about the DE from the game other than Warriors are NOT the best troop choice, unless there are 60+ of them.

The second game was a DIRTY win. My opponent was playing a stunningly beautiful Deathwing army. He had 2 land raiders a pod and 16 terminators in 1500pts. Now this would be a tough army for other marines, but 11 dark lances did a job on his land raiders and poisoned splinter rifles did the rest. I had him tabled on turn 4. I did learn that again warriors are not the optimal troop choice.

I have to say there are 30 to 40 wrack conversions and some of my existing warriors are being re-tasked as trueborn. I am going to move the troops to wracks and upgrade one wyche to a Succubus with an aggonizer, and all of the Wyches to bloodbrides. I am going to run 2 Haemonculi in the HQ, both with flesh gauntlets and hexrifles. My next idea for the heavies is one ravager, one Talos and one voidraven bomber. I will use two ravagers until there is a plastic model for the bomber.

Minor changes other than changing the troop choice, my tactics remain the same.

Acid test

Well I am going to play a good friend with my DE of the Kabal of the sundered Storm today. I consider this the acid test for a couple of reasons. First and formost Craig has been the guy that has taught me so much about the game and routinely beats me down so I can learn from what I am doing wrong. Second of all, he is playing his mostly foot based imperial guard....his best army....and the one who has routinely killed whatever I throw at it. Craig knows his guard inside and out, and can turn 90% of his draws/losses into late game wins with startling regularity.

Now, I'm not going into this game with a losing attitude, I'm going in trying to be realistic. This will be the first time in the field for a new army as well as being a poor match up for the DE. Craig runs a lot of heavy weapons teams, so my tanks are likely going to be dust after a couple of turns.

I'll get you an update this afternoon and let you know how it went along with whatever planned changes I might have. I already think one ravager down in exchange for a talos or chronos from the portal.....

Here is today's list:

Archon Aggonath: Aggoniser, ghostplate, soultrap, shadowfield, webway portal
Lady Malys

9 Kabalite warriors with blaster and darklance in raider with flickerfields
10 Kabalite warriors with blaster and darklance in raider with flickerfields
10 Kabalite warriors with blaster and darklance in raider with flickerfields

Hekatrix Bloodbrides with Haywire grenades, hydra gauntlets, succubus with blast pistol

6 reaver jetbikes 2 caltrops, 2 blasters
6 reaver jetbikes 2 caltrops, 2 blasters

3x ravagers with nightshields and flickerfields

Lots of anti tanks for tanks that MIGHT not be there, but this is what I own so we'll see....