Monday, July 15, 2013

Buckeye Battles 40k recap

Ok, so you figured out I was at Buckeye Battles this year...and I made it all the way through! WooT!

I need to start by saying thanks to Dan Corbett from GTA and all of the Buckeye Battles crew for another excellent event. I had three awesome games against 3 fully painted armies and 3 awesome guys!! I took an unusual mixed list for a change, allied Daemons from every power except Khorne.

3x 9 thousand sons
2x obliterators
Chaos Storm Eagle
Keeper of Secrets
10 pink horrors
3 plague-drones with rot

In round one I played Zach and his Necron/Chaos alliance. Zach has been playing Necrons for a longtime, but was totally new to Chaos. His list used 2 squads of chaos marines in Rhinos with a flying Daemon prince as his allied group. The Necrons were three units each with a twin.

He had 2x destroyer lords with warscythes and mindshackle scarabs each in a unit of 6 wraiths with 3 whip coils. He also had 2 9 man units of Immortals with Tesla as well. His plan was essentially to split into two forces and run a pincer. Those destroyer lords are powerhouses and they did a number on a couple of my units. I shot one down (warlord) and then tied the other up with Ahriman and a unit of sons. My horrors and the keeper tied down the right side and Ahriman the other. Everyone else went into the middle and held him there.

In the end I contested the middle, held the right and he held the left, but I had Firstblood from his prince, and his warlord was down. Minor win for me. I Look back now and I should have been casting invisibility on Ahriman instead of, or concert with Iron Arm as this would have slowed is damage on me and I could have lasted a turn or two longer than I did on the left. That would have left me free and clear in the middle for a much stronger win.

Game 2 was an exercise in frustration against Joe and his Tau. He had a Riptide and 3 sets of battlesuits with Aun'Va and fire warriors in a ruin. I lost the keeper and the Storm eagle before either was able to act, and almost 600 points of my army with them. Even so I fought back to a real squeaker of a loss. I had two models moving in to contest his home objectives only to lose them on the last turn.

Round three was against Wes with a Tau?Space Wolves allied force. Wes used a unit of Thunderwolf cav as a hammer, and Aun'Va with missile based suits and fire warriors to hold home base. I learned from my mistakes against Joe in round 2 and held back until round 3 to shoot down 30 marines 2 vindicators, and the cav before jumping on his Tau contingent. In the end his broadsides were all that was left, with a total of 3 wounds for me. 

I had a great day and 3 incredible games. Looking forward to next year already!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Buckeye Battles recap.....hopefully later today

Hello all. I went to Buckeye Battles 40k tournament yesterday. It was another great tournament. I  have a ton of things to get accomplished today, but I will try to have pics and a round by round breakdown up in the next day or so.