Thursday, February 28, 2013

Progress has been good!

Well February, and most of the real winter here are almost behind us. I have actually had a lot going on this month. Outside of the hobby I have a new car, and a new puppy will be joining the family this week. Say hello to Casey.


On the hobby front HUGE progress. The thousand sons are rapidly approaching completion after another round of beatings. The recent charity tournament at GTA was not very forgiving. I played Fluff with his own version of my army in round one. He beat me for a couple of reasons, mainly he had more thousand sons models than I do (27 me to 36 him) and he went first. His combination of an infiltrating Ahriman, a level 3 sorcerer and all of it infiltrating into short range made for a rough match up. The second round was a turn seven nail biter against my own Dark Eldar army...(good game Alex). I won round 3, and won it well. What I see going on is very few HARD counters for the list, but still a lack of punch on turn one. With that in mind I am stealing Fluff's ideas and making a few twists of my own. I think the list should be able to deliver a brutal punch turn one now.

The Vraksian renegades that I have been working on for almost 3 years now are nearly ready. I need a few more bases from Dragonforge, and a couple of vendetta conversion kits from Forge World to complete the new, all infantry version of the army.

I have also been speeding along with painting a 1000 point Ravenguard army for Adepticon this year. In fact, that will be my primary focus right up until the event in April . The guard and T-sons will sit until then, but all that means is a change of pace here.

Aside from Adepticon, Origins is coming up fast as well. We have a metric crap-ton of events this year, from 40k to fantasy to Necromunda to Battlefleet Gothic and more! Check out the pre-registration information at Origins Game Fair. We have incoming groups from several states at this point, so get registered early and let us know you are coming.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Daemons inbound!

Ok, so I'm not going to post all the new pictures of the new minis...(some are just totally odd looking) but I DO have the new codex cover!

I've been playing Chaos in all its forms since early 4th edition and I have to say, I'm actually excited for this one. Rumor has it the deployment style is going more mainstream. This is a good thing from my point of view, and I for one, will be first in line to get the book. Time to go dig out those boxes of figs in the basement....

Sunday, February 3, 2013

40k Origins RTT is June 15th 2013

The Annual Origins RTT is approaching rapidly. This year we have all kinds of changes in store beyond the tournament, so come and check all the new stuff out! The RTT will be held on Saturday the 15th of June. I have listed all of the tournament details below. Dan Corbett and Game Table Adventures are back this year in a big way as sponsors, and Dan will be helming the RTT just like last year.

2000 point armies
FULL 6th edition rules used with the following exceptions:
single force org. only please
terrain will be pre-set on the tables, and no random terrain effects (though objectives still use the mysterious rules)
Imperial Armour units ARE allowed IF they are marked as 40k approved, and you are using the most recently published version of the the rules. You MUST have an actual copy of the rules you intend to use (no pdf or photocopies), and the actual model in question, no proxies please.

Please make sure you have the following with you at the tournament:
5 copies of your army list, armybuilder, excel, word whatever, but no hand written please.
painted army, 3 color minimum (we wont turn you away, but you lose big on paint score if its not painted)
tape measure, army codex, and and other rules you need to play the models in the army you bring
Dice, (DUH) any other markers you may need to play, like pain tokens, or wreck markers/craters


1.) If now one makes the model, ex. Forge world stopped making Dreadclaws for chaos. proxie/sub model may be used but most be clearly noted as what it is and told to each opponent throughout the day to make sure they know what it is.

2.) Allies are allowed. Just follow the allies matrix.

3.) If a errata or FAQ changed something from your codex make sure you have that with you.

4.) If a new codex comes out in the spring/summer it must be 30 days old or wont be eligible to be used.

5.) Standard mission rules will apply. First blood, Line breaker, etc.

More details incoming, but if you have questions in the meantime, comment and ask away, We will answer as quickly as we can!