Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hall of Fame Update; Bretonnian Army | Wednesday, March 31 | What's New Today | Games Workshop

Hall of Fame Update; Bretonnian Army | Wednesday, March 31 | What's New Today | Games Workshop

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Monday, March 29, 2010

So.....I'm Bored....

In all respects this should be an exciting time for me. I have just finished up my imperial guard other than one tank and a few unit markings, the Blood Angels codex is released next week, and my desk is clear of commissions for the first time in months. I actually have free time!! *GASP*

I am actually ready to move on to my next project ... there are several problems with this though:

1. Army selection.... I am running out of armies to do given that I have 5 play-able 40k armies now with the Necrons, Chaos Daemons, Chaos Marines, Imperial Marines and, Imperial Guard... This leaves me with the next problem.

2. Interest in other armies. or lack there of I should say. There a quite a few armies I don't have, but the ones that are interesting to me all share one common outdated codex scheduled to be redone in the next year. Which makes point three obvious.

3. So what is a rabid hobbyist to do while I wait for the new codeci to be published? I can do several things, including jumping on the new army bandwagon. Here are the ideas I am kicking around in no particular order:

Sisters of Battle: problem, new codex rumored within 6 months, all metal models now
Grey Knights: see above
Tau: weak little buggers. nice guns but that doesn't help their myopia
Flesh Tearers: Bandwagon I say, still...
Dark Eldar: see sisters above
Eldar: well, no interest they are starting to show age.
Pre-Heresy Marines: I have been tossing this around for a while too...but in the end which ruleset to hang them on....and then there are limits to the army that might make it uncompetitive....

So what say you? Ideas? Opinions? comments? smack talk? anything?....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Origins 2010

The guys over at 40k Origins have really gone above and beyond this year. This is the tentative schedule so far:

Warhammer 40,000 at
Origins Game Fair
Columbus, Ohio - June 23-27, 2010
Over 300 Convention Hours of Events!
(Prizes Awarded)
750 Point Pairs Tournament - All Day Thursday
1850 Point Origins Rogue Trader Tournament - All Day Saturday
Eight Army Tournament (All Materials Included) - All Day Sunday
Premier Event
The World’s Largest Apocalypse Game - All Day Friday
Showpiece Games
(All Materials Included)
The Fall of Knossos Hive - Th 4, F 10, S 1pm
Tyranid Attack - Th 10, F 4, S 1, Su 10am
40K Space Hulk - Th 1, F 4, S 10, Su 1pm
40K for Kids
(All Material Included)
Ork Pile - 1pm All Four Days
Regular Events
40K for Beginners (All Materials Included) - 9am Thursday and Friday
750 Point 40K Quick and Fun - 5pm Thursday and Friday
Paint and Build Clinic - 3pm Saturday
For more information visit:

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mech Guard FTW!!!!.......NOT

Well I went to the Comic Shop Plus in Newark today for a 1500pt. Tournament. I was pretty confident going in, and felt that I might even have a chance of winning....Then I played bugs two out of three rounds.

Round one:
kill points

Basically I faced the bugs with two tervigons, 3 units of termigaunts, a trygon, 4 zoats and 3 hiveguard.

A simple list for me to blow away right? WRONG. I went the first three turns when I should have been peeling him off the table a squad at a time not able to roll higher than a 2 unless it was a scatter roll....then I rolled 10 or higher.....score 5 to 14 loss

Round 2:
Better game. I came up against orks, and tabled him with the exception of one squad in a corner. Nice guy, newer player, and he did well, my dice just flipped from round one and went hot....score 20-0 win

Round 3:

Oh Noes!!! bugs again. This time a guy I liked playing. I ALMOST tabled him by turn 5, but those stupid objectives get in the way. Mission was kill points, and I had him down to like 10 models. I needed to hold table quarters and kill his monstrous creatures. On turn 5 I thought I had troops in 3 of 4 quarters, with him contesting 2 of them. I rolled for the game to go on and it stopped. I thought "got it, sweet!".....then i measured and found that my flanks were about and inch too tight and I was only in one quarter.....and then I couldnt kill one genestealer so we drew on the table quarters, I won on kill points....5-14 loss for me. BY A SINGLE GENESTEALER!!!!!!!

Lesson learned, pay more attention to spacing, DO NOT rely on eyeballing it. I had a good time except for the first round,and I got to see an old friend, so all in all a good day to be had.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Painting Faces (with stubble) by LBursley

Hi all. I saw this U-Tube video and thought you might enjoy it. I think I'm going to try this on my new next army. This guy is seriously talented, and the results are just stunning!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More work done

Well, I have a lot more work done on the Vrock. I am happy with the progress for one day. SO far, counting clean up, I am about 8 hours into this model. I have to say, the more I study it, the more casting errors, and minor mould lines are popping up. The first layers of washes turned up most of them, and the teeth have turned into my biggest gripe with the model. They look like an old man's dentures, and you have to file each one to clear it.

Im no dentist, and I don't intend to become one soon. Here is what i have so far. fine detail and clean up, then work on the base are left at this point.

Basecoat completed

Here is the base color for the Vrock. While the picture is dark, it shows the general colors and direction I am going with it. I will add a ton of detail from here. Only 4 work days left before it's debut, so I hope to get a tone of work done on it today!

Monday, March 8, 2010

more work completed on the Vrock

Well as I get into painting the Ultraforge "Vrock" I am indeeding finding some mold lines. No big deal, a small one running down the model's left thumb and accross part of the arm. 10 seconds with a small file took care of it.

My initial impressions of the kit are still spot on. While the detail is certainly there, it is not quite as "crisp" or well defined as some of the forgeowrld pieces, and I think some of this can be explained by the resin itself.

Forgeworld for the most part uses a yellow resin. THis product is more brittle but allows for more fine details. The Grey resin that Ultraforge used for this piece will give more durability, but they had to sacrifice some fine detail. I am only really missing the fine veining on the ends of the larger feathers at the tip of the wings. Other than that I am having a hard time finding faults with it.

I am still sitting on an 89 out of 100 for a final score for them, and that my friends is a damn fine piece.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

And now for something completely different....or maybe not!

I have been looking around for some new inspiration for a nice project. I found it in a place I wasn't expecting with Ultraforge Miniatures. I have to say I have had no experience with Ultraforge and after finding out that my FLGS could order them for me, I thought, "what the heck, let's give 'em a shot!". SO I did I ordered the Vrock piece for use as a daemon prince or possibly the named Tzeentch daemon in the new Forgeworld IA Apocalypse 2 book. I have the model in hand, and I have to say I am impressed.
The plague marine is just there for scale, but this gives you a good idea of size.

There was little to no flash...yes you heard me right, almost no flash. I only had to clean one small mold line...only 1!!! After dry fitting, (you see this in the pic) there will be almost no putty work, as there is really only one gap around the bicep on the right arm. I do need to mount it on a taller base, as the staff is so long it will not allow the hand to mount correctly as the butt end hangs below the bottom of the base of the model.

As to scoring the piece, I have to say I am impressed. I have built quite a few Forgeworld Pieces, and I consider them to be the king of the hill for level of detail on their models. I would hold this piece up against any model Forgeworld makes and give it only slightly lower marks. To put it more clearly if Forgeworld scores a 100 on a scale of 0 to 100 this model is about a 91.

Check out Ultraforge and their range of Resin pieces here:

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Origins 2010 news

The 40k Origins guys have been hard at work!!

25 Total Events
11 Different Events
3 Prestige Tables with Extensive Terrain
3 Different Tournaments -- all with prizes
300 Event Hours worth of material!

We will have events for everyone from beginner to veteran, from those who want to bring their favorite armies to those who want to bring nothing (and still play). In fact, most of our events will have all materials provided. We will also provide a learning event for those who want to build and paint their 40K armies better.

In short, we are providing more than twice the amount of last year and with more variety. So, if you like Warhammer 40K you should be attending Origins 2010!

Watch for details!

I am proud to say I am part of the group bringing 40k back to central Ohio Conventions in a big way. While I cannot personally make it to the show this year, I am sending a lot of terrain and maybe some other stuff in for you all to see. (MAN I wish I could go)