Friday, June 22, 2012

The Little Table that could...

Well the numbers are in and my little Necomunda Hive sump table certainly did what I wanted it to do! We had 45 players over 4 days....with only two sessions a day on a table designed for two players that was AWESOME. I am really happy to report that the table now resides with the GTA crew at Game Table Adventures in Newark Ohio.

The owner, Dan has assured me the table is already seeing action in the store's Necromunda and Infinity leagues.

 I couldn't have asked for more...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Origins 2012 RTT results

Hey all, still super busy getting ready for the new baby, but here's a quick note on the final Origins 2012 RTT scores. We all had a great time and a ton of laughs! I'm already looking forward to next year!

Battle scores with VPs.

Bobby Blanding (VA) 5264
nick savage 5106
David Nixon (va) 5013
Craig Collins (1) 4612
Will Pauley (VA) 4207
Nathan Montgomery 4093
justin cress 3742
jeremy archer 3624
Eric Furman 3595
Steve Olk 3494
John Loy 3455
Jason Garner 3429
Nick Soika 3398
Ben Stamm (1) 3007
Tom McFarland (stve/joe) 2781
Joe Miksa 2667
Stuart Moll (banzi) 2500
steve parello 2256
Andrew Weigler 2018
Adam James (VA) 2000
Jordan Heightshoe  1773
Sean Hoy 1615
Steve Beasley (stve/joe) 1561
Michael ST. Clair (banzi) 1408
Todd Heightshoe 1026
Kevin Parry (banzi) 780

 Ben Stamm won sports with a perfect sportsmanship score.

Eric Furman won the "steal" award with a beautiful Dark Eldar Army.

Nick Savage took home best apperance with Orks.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Well good 'ol GW has a teaser out with the date 6-23-12. Preorder date anyone? Here is hoping for good things in 6th ed. In the meantime Mrs. Shadow is about to pop with our third child so the hobby front is slow going right now. I'm already rocking a list for Adepticon 2013 and finishing up my necrons. The DE are nearly done as well, only a single squad to go there as well. Sorry for the lack of pics, but as I just noted, very little time. Later!