Thursday, June 30, 2011

Origins Indy GT and results

The Indy GT I ran at Origins went well, despite a few speed bumps along the way.  I got seriously stressed out the day of  the event when we had heard GW was sending someone to check up on us, but left out a critical detail....who. So I went in to the day knowing I was being watched....and being stressed by it. We (the 40k Origins group) all wanted to put our best foot forward, and in the end I am certain we did.
The other speed bump was player created. I had a player not playing well with others, and once dealt with the rest of the day went off without a hitch. Our prize support was top notch from my perspective and everyone turned in some really positive feedback. At the end of the day there are always things to tweak, and this tournament was no exception. We need to have solid rules sections for each event posted on our website as text, not buried in articles, and I need to vary the secondary objectives in my missions from one to the next.
Congratulations to the following players for coming out on top!!

Thomas McFarland Best General
Stefan Olson Second Place
Adam James Third Place
Steve Olk Best Painted
Michael Brown Best Sportsmanship

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Origins is only a week away!!!

I now have almost all of the terrain work done that I can get done, but all those details!!! Then, only two weeks after that is Buckeye Battles. While I am giving away a Golden Ticket to the 2012 Throne of Skulls at Origins, I am competing for one at Buckeye Battles!

I need to get a finalized list into the TO by July one, and with only two weekends to go time is short! To make matters worse, my mother in law is moving over the next two weekends, and Origins is eating four more days in there....Time to burn the midnight oil in the paint booth....once I decide on an army!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Dragon Forge Resin Bases for Origins Game Fair 2011

Jeff Wilhelm of Dragon Forge Designs was kind enough to send us a good selection of his bases to give away as prizes this year. I have to say I have looked through his web store before, and the pictures there do not do his product justice. I think I will steal a format from Goatboy on BOLS for the review.

Value: 8 of 10  Jeff's designs are all unique and have some little details that it would be hard to duplicate on your own due to the use of space. While the bases are all crammed with detail, they all have flat space for figures to easily bond to.

Look/Form: 9 of 10 The details on the sets we were given were crisp and clean. There was almost no flash and the base I painted (see below) cleaned up quickly with soap and water.There were no bubbles or casting errors to fill or correct either. I am impressed.

Paintability: 9 of 10 Those details I referred to cry out for detailed painting. The new Omega prime set just begs for a colorful coat of paint. The crisp detail lets washes and inks really shine as well.

The Verdict: 9 of 10 I will most definitely be a customer of Jeff's for my Heresy EraThousand Sons army. Jeff the order is coming your way!