Sunday, June 16, 2013

Origins 2013 post event thoughts

Well today is the last hurrah for another great year at Origins. We had some great attendance again and we thank all of you for coming out and gaming with us! We had a few speed bumps, but those are always associtaed with events of this size and complexity. We are now growing very quickly, and look forward to adding some new faces, events and fun for next year!

The Tau genetics farm table drew quite a bit of interest! The scenario worked itself out well, but we still have terrain and model tweaks to make. This will be back next year with more tension and excitment (and new models) for you to see and experience.

The Dwarven forge Fantasy game has grown and will see even more refinement next year as attention to this little gem adds up.

The Necromunda game was a huge hit again, and we plan on a few surprises there. (hint:there might be some more terrain in the works)

The 3D spacehulk game has done well but we have deicded to remove it in favor of the more modern Zone Mortalis rules. These are published for free from Forge World and can be found HERE. These rules really allow us to open up the game and I have HUGE plans for a really cool terrain set for it....(hidden tunnels, line of sight limits, moving list of ideas is almost infinite). I will need to modify them a bit to work with our planned terrain, and 6th edition, but the core will stay intact.  Plan on seeing a new terrain piece for this in 2014 on par with our Necromunda table!

The Blackwater Gulch table did incredibly well, and has a super fun system, but that little burg needs some sprucing up! Look for table updates and more games next year!

All of our intro games have continued to expand, we are making only minor tweaks and fixes to those.

The Warhammer 40k team, RTT, 8 army challenge, and flyer battles remain unchanged going into next year!

We havea zany fun, and crazy event planned for next year, as well as the return of the apocalypse mega game!

Thanks again to everyone who came and gamed with us! We had a ball and hope did too. Come and see us in 2014, we have BIG plans! We will have the tournament results and a few big picture dumps incoming as soon as we can get some sleep and get our families to forgive us for disappearing for 5 days! See you next year!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Terrain prep for this year's Tau Genetics farm game.

Last year we brought our "A" game with the Necromunda events, this year we are bringing another new event with us. The Tau genetics farm is a scenario designed to test your teamwork. Get in. Get the genetics data the Tau have collected, and get out alive!

These are some Work in progress pictures that should give you a good sneak peek at what this table should look like. Come see it in person at the 40k Origins area of the Miniatures hall, and throw down. Can you survive the Tau's automated defenses and get out alive?

Base-coat started

Finished base-coat

details, details