Friday, December 26, 2014

Hellcat eats a 426 hemi with a 6pack

Ummm yeah. That Hellcat is SICK! It's a shame one of the first ones sold went to a D-bag in Colorado that took less than an hour to total it! lol

Monday, December 22, 2014


wow, two months without a post. I must be getting lazy...wait....I AM lazy, but that isn't the reason for the lapse. Just life kicking me in the balls. Too busy on too many fronts to possibly keep up. Family, work, life kids, it all adds up!

In any case, the Robotech is all assembled, but I haven't been able to get a game in yet. I am anxious to try it out!

Adepticon registration happened in November, and Team Boltgun's Battle Brothers will be back this year in 2015! We have essentially worked our armies to the theorectical limit on paper, now we need real world practice to make sure we are on the right track. The Display work for this year is in progress, and lookin fine if I do say so myself....

This is the top two levels going together. The lower level will have a lot of details I won't show off this early, but hear is a teaser.

I'm excited about this one, even if it IS for filthy Xenos scum!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Forces of the Zentradi Assembled

Hello again! It has taken a week due to real life intervention, but here is HALF of the Robotech RPG Tactics box set. I like these models a lot, and despite the delays in the kickstarter delivering, they are really nice models. Here is a group shot of the Zentradi Half of the box.

2 recovery ships, 2 command pods, 4 artillery pods, 2 recon pods and 24 assault pods. There are 25 in the picture, I got the metal prototype from a demo at Adepticon this spring.

The assembly is easy and they go together really well. There are a couple of flaws, but nothing a little modeling cannot fix. Every foot has a hole for the peg on the bottom of each leg to slot into. The top lip of that hole is domed over, and keeps the front toe of the leg from touching the base. This is a simple fix, just shave the top of the foot before gluing it to the leg. No big deal, but over this many models it is a touch tedious and could have been fixed in design. The other issue is the TINY matching gun bits on the "chin" of each pod. I am not sure why these couldn't have been molded into the chest. As is, they are really tiny bits. The issue lies with removing them from the sprue. My good hobby clippers snap the guns in half. Even using a new blade on my hobby knife, a good 45% still broke mid way along the barrel of the gun. Since these parts are so tiny, it is not very noticeable, but again, a design flaw that should have been fixed.

This is a size comparison with a space marine so you can get an idea of how large these are. Keep in mind, the space marine is 28 to 30mm scale. These are closer to 10-12mm scale.

This also gives you a close look at the prototype against the final models. They are close, and there is a TON of easy posability in these kits. Running, jumping, leaning, turning, all are really easy to do. Despite a couple of little issues, I really like the kits.

Now, on to the UEDF side of the box!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Robotech RPG Tactics arrives!

FINALLY!!!! I paid for this in April 2013!!!!

I think this was worth the wait. The game is a simple to learn, but strategically deep system that plays at intended levels in about 45 minutes. My copy was left on the porch in the pouring rain by UPS, fortunately no damage!

Rulebook, soft cover 112 pgs, only 29 are rules

Box cover

Side view, thick stock, decent quality
This thing weighs in at over 9 pounds! There are enough supplies here for two players to play indefinitely and never need to buy more...until wave two ships sometime in the distant future.....

one of 2 (!) bags of bases

Enough sprues and bases to choke a horse!

All the cards, dice and markers needed to play the game

Over all I am satisfied with the product, but I haven't dived into assembly or paint yet. From looking at the sprues they are PVC, and while the models are a significant number of parts, they allow for huge conversion potential. As a veteran modeller, these kits are not super complex, but I can see this pile of plastic scaring off some people who do not have the experience I do. I played the demo at Adepticon, and it was enough for me to buy in. This is definitely a skirmish level system, but I can see it easily scaling up to much larger encounters. All in all this is a solid product. I am reserving judgment on the game itself until I have a couple of games in, and a better handle on the models themselves.

No go away, I'm going to watch maccross again while I dive into all these sprues....

Updates on the Eldar

All the bikes are now in their yellow base-coat, and the flyer is on the way. The Spyders are waiting at GTA for pick up. Here are a few pics of the beginnings of the display for them.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The road to Adepticon 2015, AND Origins 2015

So last year (2014) Team Boltgun made it into the top 15 looks for appearance (out of about 150 teams) and maxed out our sportsmanship score! We are justifiably proud of that fact. Now we LOST 9 of 10 games, so our final scores landed us somewhere in the bottom third overall. This is due to battle score influencing the other two categories. We might not like it, but that is how it is. One of the judges even told us they feel that " it is a true skill to stomp someone's face in and still have them give you max sportsmanship". He is right, but we don't have to like it!

So on the way home while already hatching a devious plan for our display, we talked about what to do to remedy this situation. We had to have a theme, with beautiful, eye catching, armies, and we had to have a gimmick or trick in our display. All of these things we had done already, but we left the competitive meta fighting lists at home. This year.....nah we are bringing a bag of hammers to drop on our opponents, along with a goody bag filled with swag!

On that note, Eldar it is! So we have all begun to put to gether and paint our armies, and this is where I stand so far.

Speed and more speed....

Now Origins is a bit of a different animal in that we are no longer focused on JUST 40k. We are running a crazy number of events this year. Our newest editions being Black WAter Gulch, and Drop Zone Commander.

The Hawk Wargames guys have been nice enough to hook us all up with starter sets and a few blisters each to make some decent starter armies so we can run demos. That means new tables and displays for us as well. Now 10mm or railroad N scale is new to me, and the boards will be small, about 2x2 for the demos, but they will be fun to make! So far, this is where I am with it!

Shaltari Battlegroup

Coyote Warstrider and 2 Thunderbird Gunships

Warspear Heavy Fighter

1 of 3 Eden Medium Gates

Haven Terragate with 3 Kukri AA Grav Tanks

Haven Terragate with 3 Tomahawk Grav Tanks

Friday, September 26, 2014

DE whispers from BOLS

Via Dakka's MongooseMatt (the community thanks you!)

Impressions from the WD Battle Report:

1. The Wyches and Beasts are not part of the same unit. That dream has gone.

2. The three Talos and one Cronos _seem_ to be a single choice (Heavy Support, presumably).

3. Voidravens appear to be Heavy Support, the Razorwing Fast Attack, _if_ this army is battle-forged (there are three detachments, so I am presuming so).

4. As for the result of the battle report, the Dark Eldar got first turn and started with all three Voidravens on the table rather than having them wait for reserves (a special one-off scenario rule, not a Codex one). Meanwhile the Guard have their Tempestus units, plus Valkyries and a bunch of Ogryns arriving in Turn 3. Don't know if the points values are equal, but if they are...

5. Deployment - no one here would deploy as the Guard player did by choice. Leman Russ as close as possible to the enemy? When your objective is to keep your side of the table clear of enemy units?

6. Reading between the lines, i think I see how Feel no Pain works. As said here earlier, they get new benefits every turn.

Turn 1 - Nothing
Turn 2 - Furious Charge, I would guess by the descriptions in the text.
Turn 3 - Feel no Pain for _every_ Dark Eldar on the table.
Turn 4: Not sure yet. If FC is not turn 2, it is here.
Turn 5: Fearless.

If you have a Haemonculus with you (or Urien is close), that unit is effectively a turn ahead. Or maybe, just maybe, the _effect_ is improved by the presence of a Haemonculus. So, Furious Charge gets +2 S, FnP gets 4+. All a bit ambiguous.

7. Voidravens get some sort of Jink that does not affect their firing. Maybe. Again, a bit ambiguous there.

8. The Archon and Incubi gets ambushed by Ogryns and has to be rescued by Wyches and Grotesques. Tempted to say no change there then...

9. Void Mine we have heard about, killing a whole guard unit. However, it should be noted that, elsewhere in the battle, one gets dropped (with precision, they say) on Ogryns, killing just one and wounding another, and a third gets dropped on a Guard Command Squad, killinga bunch but leaving the commander and medic alive. So, not all powerful.

If all of this is true, I see a DE airforce army in the works....3 fighters and 3 bombers, all wyches in minimum units in venoms/raiders that run to exploit objectives....

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

And on to the next. Adepticon 2015


Ok, we are doing Eldar this year to avoid 5 years in a row of imperials....Bleh boring! So now We need a display. I have some CRAZY ideas that should make for an insane display! I am starting fromt he above art from the Eldar codex (thanks GW) and working toward the actual spaces looking similar to this.

Now I HAVE to twist it into a four army display and throw in my own touch....

The dust settles, and the Knights are still standing!

Boltgun's Battle 7 is over and now that I have had a chance to reflect on the event, my list and the details of the day, I can honestly say it was another awesome tournament!

I went into this year not having any pre conceived notions of what I would face across the tables. 7th edition is so wide open in army creation, but Boltgun's is VERY restrictive. Here are the rules used to streamline and limit the cheddar....

1750 Warhammer 40k 7th ed Tournament
Battle-forged Armies only, 30 players
1 Combined Arms Detachment(Mandatory) + 1 Allied Detachment Allowed(Optional), 40k Dataslate Formations Allowed (Optional)
Must bring 3 tactical objectives
12 Die Warp Charge Cap
3 Rounds 2.5 hours each
Tabling does not equal auto win.

There were 6 test scenarios released in the months leading up to the event, and three of them were chosen, so we knew going in what we might face for missions. I have a bit of an issue here, but I will get to that in a bit. We are limited to 30 players due to venue. The shop we played at Game Table Adventures, only has space for 15 tables, so 30 is the limit. 

I got there about 15 minutes early, and good thing to as parking was hard to get this year. I set up and took a few minutes l\to look around at the armies that were displayed at that point. I remember 3 Necron, 2 Dark Eldar, at least two Tyranid, and a Grey Knights army from that point. Table assignments were put up on Warscore 30 minutes before the round start so my first opponent and I got to our table and got to it. 

Round 1 I played Matt Warren. I have never met Matt, and he says he has only been playing for a few years, but he shows some skill in using the army he had. I didn't get a copy of his list, but he was using the Grey Knights detachment from their codex.  The objectives were set along a diagonal line from lone corner to the other space relatively evenly over the board. The mission used the Vanguard Strike deployment, with all the objectives in no-mans land in between. Matt set up first, so I just spread my knights out to have one in front of each objective and then infiltrated onto oall three objectives with my assassins. Remember I mentioned that I had a issue with the missions? This is it, right here. The objectives were worth two points a piece, and were scored for me at the end of each of my when I seized on him, and started shooting.....yeah, I ended the first turn 8 points up, including first blood....all before he could act. It went downhill for him from their. His reserves, worth over half his points refused to show up, more than 1 unit a turn, and I just stood on the objectives for three turns killing each unit as they came on the board. I had him tabled except for his flyer at the top of turn 3, where he conceded. The Points stood at 29 to nil after 2 1/2 turns. 

This wasn't an easy game for Matt. My army was something he was NOT prepared for, and complicated by the scenario allowing me to just run away with the VP, it was a serious trouncing. I really was starting to feel dirty about my list at that point. Win for the Knights, and putting me right to the top of the bracket with near maxed points round 1. 

Joe's Eldar beat up on Jeremy's Wolves

.In round 2 I pulled Officer Joe Elverson and his Eldar. I will start right now saying Jow took the overall winner this year, and out game was seriously hard fought. It had the same issues that we had in round 1, but now two objectives, worth 3 each turn.....sigh. Table quarter deployment with objectives outside our home quarter but in our table side meant two markers about 14 inches apart near the center of the table. I was thinking hey, I only have 7 models, so I need to keep this close to have less realestate to cover.....mistake! It was eldar! Now we set up, and Joe was going first. He set up aggressively with three Vaul's wrath batteries just daring me to come to the objective under their nose, and three wave serpents and two units of bikes backed up by warpspiders gunning for my side of the table. I seized on Joe, and managed to drop some damage on him but failed to do serious damage to him thanks to good Jink rolls. This turned into my worst nightmare of a mission as the way the objectives are scored for each player at the end of their player turn meant that Joe could sit on his objective, and send on unit of bikes, or a serpent over and hold my objective through the objective secured rule. This meant that even though I would kill the unit he sent over, he was scoring 6 points a turn plus kills, I was only getting 3 a turn plus kills for 4 turns. Sigh...I lost this one by scenario, but in the end he had about 6 models left on the board. I had one knight and one assassin left, covering both objectives, but too little too late. Joe won 19 me to 35 Joe. If those objectives were worth one each I would have won on number of kills despite losing first blood to him. 

Round three sees me back at the middle tables playing Ryan Lafferty and his Blood Angels. He has been playing for a few months due to real life conflicts, and his list shows that. It is a very 6th edition style list with two assault squads in rhinos, some termies in a landraider and camo cloak scouts. Hammer and anvil deployment with only a single objective dead center of the a ruin....Now he had multiple chances to stilt this in his favor right from the start, but didn't take the chances...he infiltrated his scouts, but not onto the objective, and didn't take the chance to deepstrike his landraider right onto it either. Now this objective is worth 6 points a turn now...I infiltrate one assassin into the ruin, right onto the objective. Two others were lined up out of LOS right around the corner, and the 4th was on top of my voidshield generator with a commanding view over the roof-line of the building. The knights started in cover behind the building ready to push up. I failed to seize for the first time all day, but it didn't matter. He grabbed first-blood from the assassin on the objective, but failed to get onto it himself. On my half of the turn, the culexus moved up to grab the objective marker while the knight moved up and dropped two transports and one of his units. The rest was just him grinding to dust against the knights. I managed to kill the land raider way over in his backfield so the terminators had to walk into my guns. End of hammer worries....This was another mission where I felt really badly for my opponent. He had the tools to handle me if  he played aggressively to the mission, but he forgot the Objective secured rule....I ended this round at 31-2. 

Yeah the objective is in that ruin behind the knights....

So I ended the day with three great games, and a couple of new friends. We all went to get dinner afterwords and close down the local city barbecue restaurant. I ended 8th over all with some really good scores. Losing to Joe really was the match of the day, as had I won, even in a tight game, I could have taken the over all from him!

1Joe ElversonEldar22333792
2Jesse MellettEldar14393588
3David SemonsNecrons12363886
4Orion BarrettTyrannids22362785
5Jeremy McClungSpace Wolves22392384
6D.J. KinzelmanDark Angels22332984
7Austin StewartEldar16333483
8Larry CurtissImperial Knights22303183
9Sean ArmstrongDark Eldar18303078
10Nick MillsDark Angels20362177
11James CliffordOrks18362276
12Zach Musselman
13Marcus BaxleyAstra Militarum22332176
14John BlowersGrey Knights14303276
15Doug CulverSpace Wolf16303076
16Aaron SchaeferTau18302876
17Ken SummersAstra Militarum16332372
18Steve Parello (Ringer)Daemons12302971
19John CocumelliMilitarum Tempestus22331570
20Nathan MontgomeryKhorne Berzerkers14302367
21Matt WarrenGrey Knights6362365
22John WolfAstra Militarum14331764
23Ryan LaffertyBlood Angels4362363
24Gabe LawrenceDark Angels2302860
25Nate KlineAstra Militarum8302260
26Chris O'ReillyNecrons8331758
27Joseph MilliganSalamanders0302858
27Nate GoodBlood Angels0302858
29Berkley NormanAstra Militarum0331649
30Jason GarnerDaemons0331548

Paint scores maxed at 22, Battle at 39, and Sports at 39. As you can see the guys I beat weren't happy about how badly it went down. Allan's sports system is set up on what amounts to a 1, 2, 3 system, where you only get a single maxed score to hand out, but you can give the others a 2. Looks like I wasn't nice enough letting them redo moves and pointing out mistakes letting them put models in other places. I guess people are still salty about the knights in general being so good. As you can see, our local Meta game is NOT aligning with what the internet would have you believe are top armies. 

To sum up this wall of text, it was a good day, but the top players saw the flaws in the scoring system before they ever showed up and built armies to capitalize on speed over durability. Those armies were able to "alpha strike" on the objectives and continue to feed expendable or very durable fast moving units onto them to keep them secured. This allowed them to push up a significant lead in the first few turns to the point it was almost impossible to catchup if you weren't starting first. Good day, a few lessons learned, awesome games and a good time yet again with Boltgun's battle 7.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Boltgun's Battle 42 hours and counting!

Here they are, all painted and displayed. I am EXCITED to get back to Boltgun's this year. ALWAYS the best company and a hell of a day!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

EVILution of a warlord....

Now in Castigstor form!!

Paint in progress of course! That said look out Boltgun players, he's list approved and incoming!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Boltgun's Battle incoming 9.20.14

So I have been watching the facebook page for Boltgun's tournament coming up on the 20th. The guys I mentioned below are starting a kind of grudge match hobby challenge over there. Here are the latest pics....

From Jeremy McClung:

*** Breaking News***

“Eldar Flee to Safety of the Webway as the Vlka Fenryka Make Planetfall”

In other news:
• Planetary Governor expresses gratitude, orders parade in capital

• Craftworld council members issue surprise ruling demanding Farseer Elvr’son choose a new Path after failing to see events coming

• Farseer cites 'Runic' interference, appeals verdict claiming situation can still be salvaged

Full news at end of cycle.

And in response from Joe Elverson:

Well I have one for BOTH of ya!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hell Talon, just a quick update

I have had a bit of time over the last couple of days to rough in the fixes for the bad gap and alignment issues on the Hell Talon and start on the color base for the paint. The paint is rather ambitious, and I'm not sure how the final product will come out, but in theory it should look really nice.For now this thing is VERY work in progress.

Here is the gap under the fuselage, near the engines. I have it roughed in now, and I will clean it up with liquid greenstuff before I go into detail paint. I got the main shape in place and then decided to test the paint idea I had before I got it boxed in. I still need to add rivets and clean up the vertical edge.

I ordered a custom flight stand from Dragonforge to help support this behemoth. It isn't all that heavy but the stock GW flight stand does not inspire confidence on a model this size. That will require a round 1/2" hole cut into the bottom of the cowling at the top of the picture above.  Since I still have to do damage to the bottom of the model before I can add much in the way of detail to this area of the model, I am am not in huge rush with this.

Next I can't decide which way to go with the topside engine intakes. On one hand there are the fleshy tendrils or muscle striations you see people do a lot on Nurgle based models, and on the other hand I can box off the openings to hide the gap by matching lines. I THINK the tendrils are the way to go as the gaps are not even, and trying to match the lines will throw off an already visually unbalanced model even more.

So the last thing is the paint scheme. I had the crazy idea of mixing the two Thousand Sons schemes on the same model. I am working for a fade from Midnight Blue to red base color, with the raised lines fading from Metallic Gold at the nacel tips to bright White at the back of the plane. If it works out it will be cool, but I have to reserve judgement. At this point the fade is in place, but there are tens of hours of brushwork left to solidify the scheme and get it detailed. Wish me luck!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hell Talon SLOW WIP....and I mean SLLOOOWWW

The Hell Talon is coming along, and it is really a beast of a kit. I have had some bad Forgeworld kits before, but this one is bad combined with being an old mold. The wear is really obvious, and the kit design is such that the pieces just sit up against one another. There are quite a few flaws even after HOURS of hot water re-shaping and clamping.

First up, this is a BIG kit. I know that tape is hard to see but this thing is 14-15 inches long. It is HUGE. That in itself, when combined with the long flat front nacels should raise alarm flags for anyone who has worked with Forgeworld resin before. Those long flat pieces seem to always be warped. These weren't bad at a glance, but the resin is JUST thick enough to make straightening them a total bear. After 4 hours on these alone they look like this....

Obviously not optimal....

Then there is the central hull assembly. The two wings glue to either side of a central core that houses the cockpit. You then add the top fuselage and wing, then flip it over and do the underside details including the engines and bombs. This is a lot like a plastic model airplane unless your joints look like this after you clean them up....

Now this stuff can be cleaned up with green stuff....a lot of green stuff....but still. I mean look at that line above the engines.....At least it is hidden by the engines and retrieval hook! The worst offender IMHO is the engine intake pods that sit on top of the wings. These are meant to tie the wing parts to the fuselage behind the cockpit and solidify that joint. But as you can see they are more joint than solid.

Again, several hours of repeated hot water and clamping and this is the best I can get. I can cover SOME of that with green stuff, but either I go Nurgle and add muscle and tissue strings to make it look intentional or they will end up out of balance. Now I have two of the Hellblade fighters, and they had the same issues with their intakes. The shape of that smaller model allowed me to clamp them down with glue, and that fixed them....I don't own a clamp large enough to reach these. Might be time for a trip to the hardware store for bigger clamps!

All the assembly gripes aside this is a gorgeous kit that has one hell of an intimidating profile. This thing most certainly will work on an opponents nerves!

I hope to have primer on it in the next few days, and MAYBE paint after I decide on what direction to go with the putty on those intakes and engine exhaust!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Boltgun's Battle coming September 20, what to take?

Normally I go into this one blind, intentionally letting my own selections play out. This tournament is a HUGE event locally. It is a hobby based tournament that regularly draws the best of the best in the mid-west. Locally Jeremy McClung has taken top honors every year with his armies...they are truly works of art, and everyone essentially gives up the best army award when he walks in the door. His army for this year is the wolves. We have seen bits and pieces of this one for a couple of years now. I'll let this speak for itself after reminding you that this is ALL truescale....

Then there is relative newcomer to Boltgun Joe Elverson and his Eldar. Joe and I have a running grudge every year at Buckeye Battles. His armies are all beautifully airbrushed and done. This is a WIP (!) picture of a couple of his wave serpents.
Look at these closely and you can see the level of competition at Boltgun's Battle every year. These two are just 2 of 30 that play and most of the armies at this tournament show up like this.  Sportsmanship is the most coveted prize and it is not an easy one to win when everyone at the event is having such a good time.

I'm pretty happy with my knights, but I wanted to take my necrons. I need a couple of units to fill the list, but they are not gonna happen in time, so it's likely knights again. I have a list im pretty satisfied with, but at 1750pts i'm pretty limited with them. I'm still looking for ideas to pair with the knights in about 250 points as a rapid objective holder unit, so we'll see where I land.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Slaughter is over

Summer Slaughter was today (ALL day) and it went really smoothly. Hobby Central is a good 45 minute drive for me, and I haven't visited there before, but it is a really nice place to game and get your hobby on. Super friendly staff and a clean environment win every time.

I went 2-1, with the two wins being wipe out wins. The loss in round three was to the eventual best general winner. His tau with 4 riptides combined with the mission rules allowing him to recycle most of the units I killed helped him out BIG.

I noticed a few things from my first real competitive experience with an all knight army....people do NOT know what to do when faced with 5 super heavy walkers....they panic. Even my last opponent who should have known better was making mistakes. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get in your opponents head. If you can force them to make mistakes, even little ones, it is that much easier to win from the start.

Also, NOT taking the Adamantine lance formation is just dumb. If you are fielding at least 3 knights, take this thing, its that simple. re-rolling saves and extra Hammer of Wrath is incredible. Throw in void shields FTW.

Round one I played Dark Eldar, something like 14 lances....and a cobra destroyer. By all rights his lances should have eaten me, but he scattered his shooting around, sandpapering instead of killing. In the end his paper airplane skimmers just fell apart to all the high strength shots and templates. 

Round two I played Dark Angels. His army was almost all infantry, and with two devastator squads holding 8 rockets, plus a twin lascannon dred I should have been hiding....but he just locked up and didnt think, once again sandpapering me. It didn't help him that his 470pt command squad deepstrike mis-happed and destroyed itself.....OUCH.
Aaron and I discuss the way the cards are falling

Round 3 was as mentioned 4 riptide Tau....He must have had 30 marker lights and knew how to use them. Aaron and I have played before, he is an exceptional list builder and a deadly opponent....but 5 knights got in his head.....again sandpaper for the first few turns. I have to say this was the BEST game of 40k I think I have ever played, and i've been playing 20+ years. EVERY MOVE and action was a nailbiter for both of us. Both of us were hanging on every die roll  and save. We were really into it and having a ball laughing all the way through. Now the mission here allowed all but super heavy and tanks to respawn and auto arrive from reserve the turn after they are killed. So I had 4 riptides and 30 kroot and 20 fire warriors and almost 20 pods all came back if I killed it. So how do you score when half the objectives are just re-occupied the turn after you blow units off of them? The mission might not have hurt as bad if there weren't 4 riptides I didn't want to kill shooting at me with all those marker lights....
On Parade after round one for Judging

In the end I took best overall. The scores are not yet up on Warscore, so I don't know the details yet, but I HAD to do something right in there somewhere. My list was up about 2-3 posts back, so you can find it there.

Now, on to Boltgun's Battle on September 20th. What to take, what to take....

*Edit results are up now...apparently people liked my army despite how much trash talk I took over it! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer Slaughter 48 hours and counting!

Ok, so Summer Slaughter is in 2 days...the army is essentially done. I could do a bajillion more hours in detail on all the models, but I'm happy with them where they are. I am reading the 7th edition rules more thoroughly and making sure I have everything straight. This is my version of Gerantius, The green Knight (less the $20 decal sheet), before final clean ups.

Gerantius, The Green Knight

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Prep for Summer Slaughter August 16

With my list entered and my army well into painting, I have only one model to buy yet and I will be all set. Im into weathering on the last 4 and then I'm done other than that last....single....model.

With a low model count (30) at any scale, especially at 2500pts you would think I could cruise through those models quickly.....well NOT when they look like THIS.....

Raptorus with no weathering or washes yet. looks good as a start, but a long way to go!

Dominus, only first stage weathering done. Lots to do, lots to do....

This is "Hounds Tooth", again, no weathering yet!

Pretty happy with this emplacement. might add a decal or two for detail.

Everything here is all color blocked and ready for final details except that flyer....has a LONG way to go. I'm not sure what to do with the bases on the Quad launchers. They nee more detail, not sure what yet. If you have ideas post 'em, and I might steal 'em!

Summer Slaughter is a t a store about 45 minutes away from me I have never been to. I know the TO to be a stand up guy, so I'll give it a shot. This army is just for fun, and allows me to get to the "ALMOST There" stage with the knight army I am building. I have all the plastic knights I will need (or will this week). Now I need a lancer and a Castigator from Forge World. I am really looking forward to seeing my opponents faces when I walk in with this many super heavies in an army....and it's LEGAL if I can just stay away from assault terminators....

Sutekh Magna Knight Paladin Warlord
Dominus Atum Knight Paladin
Graendal Knight Errant
Jacynthus Knight Errant
Raptorus Arkhus Knight Paladin

Lord Commissar, Emperors light, carapace
10 Veteran guard 2 meltaguns, heavy flamer, grenadiers and demo experts
2 heavy quad launchers with extra crew
Valkyrie "hounds tooth"
Vengeance weapon battery with 2 twin-linked icarus lascannon and void shield

That's a nice firebase, a mobile objective team, and plenty of in your face....