Friday, April 27, 2012

SO much going on!

UUUU--ni CORN!!!   UUUUU-niCORN!!!!  They DO exist!  Check this out. I am fully impressed.

Warhammer Joey

SO I saw this link on another blog and thought I would pass it along. I remember my own first few stompings (thanks Craig) and how good it felt to finally get in a win. Joey seems to be diving in head first, and I am glad to see it. We need more of her here in the states.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Necromunda Hive update

Well I've been busy working away about an hour a night for the last week and this is the result! If my final paint job comes out well this table will be my best work yet.

 Little by little details are being added. The above shot is the rail depot that has been "fortified" by a gang as a hideout. There are more details to go there, but it is on it's way.
 This is a section of the current shipyard. It has lots of debris and detritus for cover in an otherwise open yard.
 This is part of the river bed. Details are hard to see here but if you click on the pic it will enlarge and it gets clearer. The lighter areas are the planned water sections. There will be a shallow "toxic sludge" stream with some isolated pools elsewhere on the board.
 This is a higher elevation of the above pic from the same angle. You can see how this flows down into the picture above it.
This is the opposite direction down the center of the canal from a "models eye view". 

Remember all of this is just primer and base-coat color blocking. I am still adding details daily. Deadline is approaching in about 4 weeks so time to buckle down and get it done!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I can has new Toys!?!

Well I got a box in the mail, and to be honest I had forgotten I ordered it.....
I ordered THIS!

Man did I just get excited!  I laid out all the parts and noticed something that has been mentioned...FW is using finecast.....

Oh well, no flaws here other than some warping on the cannon arm, which some hot water fixed.
 The detail is typical FW...incredible. The reverse cant legs are going to be a huge hassle as the joints do not fit tightly, so pinning and patience required!