Tuesday, September 18, 2012

They're HERE!!!! WOOT

From sources via Faeit 212

New chaos flyer...I see the hellblade and helltalon fliers in those wings...

New upgraded assault troops. These look sick!

New Dwarf cover. Looks very retro.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

October has always been when the crazies come out...

Well it looks like October is going to be nuts on the hobby front. Chaos Marines the first week and Boltgun Battles right before Halloween! Then you throw in the Horus Heresy release with 3 primarch models and WOW, what a month.

Speaking of Boltgun, I am feverishly preparing my Heresy Era Thousand Sons to compete. I have a trial list prepared that seems to be putting out the hurt very well. (Damn you O'reilly for suggesting this) The Storm eagle really is a flying land raider. It has filled the anti air role well, and can kill tanks in spades. The new cultist (leaked/rumored) rules that hit the web this week have plugged the glaring hole in my list, numbers. If those numbers are even close to true, and I would bet they are, then 50 cultists in the backfield is a huge benefit to my marines.

No pictures yet, as nothing is done, but if all goes well I should have some up this week.