Thursday, March 13, 2014

Adepticon Progress 5. WIP display board in primer

Well I have the boards done, and  in primer. I have started to add paint and finalized the lighting. Here are a few pics. These should be either DONE Sunday or very close to it.

These will be going to Game Table Adventures in Newark Ohio once we use them at Adepticon. They are to become an addition to the Necromunda table I built a few years ago for Origins 2012. The table got a bit of exposure that summer, but more important to me, it got quite a bit of use for several skirmish systems at GTA. I couldn't be more honored than Dan, Damon, Randy and the crew want me to add to it for them.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Adepticon Progress 4

Well the displays are ready for paint. That leaves just a few more items to check off in the next three weeks. In no particular order:

Marine details. I need to decal the sternguard and do paint touch ups on the whole army.

Display painting. This will be a daytrip to Boltgun's place to finish up. His airbrush skills will be HUGE weathering those things out. Also rivets on all the deck plating.

Malifaux Crew is DONE, but I need markers for Ice columns. note to self: order those bases fool!

Pack it all up in cases to protect it.

Print the lists

Get fluff written and sent to Face. And make sure Boltgun and Wolf do the same

Friday, March 7, 2014

Adepticon Display Board WIP 3

Well day 3 has seen quite a bit of work completed. I need to finish the flooring, paint, decal my ass off, and then seal it all. LOTS still to do, but you can see where I am headed, and the viewport is lit now.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Adepticon Display Board WIP 2

Well here they are after a couple more days of work. The first board has a raised walkway out in front for the Librarian to do a review of the troops before the drop, and the other board has a launchpad based in with refueling pumps added as the first details. The large window wall is lit, and has a star-scape painted behind it, which is a really neat effect. I'm sure i'll be able to improve that if I attempt it again, but it looks really good now.
Detail of the rear, yes rear, of the drop pod fueling system

Units in place for scale

pre detailing of final layout on flyer landing pad

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Adepticon Display Board WIP Part 1

I've been holding on to this post until I had some pictures ready to show the progress. I posted the bare boards that sit next to each other for transport (and more utility for GTA). The idea is they sit next to each other to make a 2'x4' board. The board will be a launch bay inside the Star Phantom Strike Cruiser Syclus Infinium. There will be space for drop pod storage, landing pads for flyers, fueling lines and storage, and a viewing gallery/command deck, as well as all the detail I can cram into the piece. This is the first portion laid out for glue and team approval.

Overall layout with a stand in backdrop to illustrate the height

Close up of the fuel storage with a marine for scale

close up to show decking detail.

As this is just a layout there will be more detail covering any bare wood, as well as vertical elements on three sides. Once complete this will be 2'x2'x18" tall! And that is only half!

Adepticon Inbound

Well I am into full panic mode for Adepticon now. I have the display board for the 40k team tournament to finish, my 40k team tournament marines are drying decals now, and detail/cleanup to go. The malifaux crew is at 75%. Progress is being made, and I promise no painting in the hotel room Thursday night.....mebbe....

WIP shots below...

This is Epistolary Arcosis. Terminator armor, storm-shield and force weapon. He is about half way done. The cloak looks good but the rest needs work.

 These two are from squad Tertius. Note the legion printer...They looked good when I applied them but when the micro sol dried they had faded and blurred a little. Nothing that cant be fixed, but it is still frustrating.
 This is Auric. He is nearly done, just some final clean up and highlights.
And the display boards for our army are underway. I am laying out the design and getting final supplies in hand today. Ill have more WIP on this as I go along.

On a side note, these boards are being donated to Game Table Adventures as an expansion to my Necromunda board. That work can be found in the archive here on Currents.