Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I almost forgot...I played my Daemons against a frequent opponent of mine. He was trying out his new 'Nidzilla list and I thought I would surprise him....which it did. We fought to a bloody draw in a kill-point mission, though to be fair he had more models left after the game ended at 5 turns. I forgot how much I love that army....


  1. My nidzilla list was:

    flyrant with those 2 guns that let you take 6 shots each

    close combat ground tryant with 3 guard

    15 turmagaunts, 15 turmagaunts, 15 spinegaunts, 15 spineguants, 15 hourmagaunts

    3 'Curshafexs' and 2 'Ninjafexes'. (ninjafexes being just 2 extra ccw and nothing else)

    Last phase the Greater of Slaansh stomped down my second crushafex but the ground tyrant, a ninjafex and a crushafex left. All wounded pretty bad.