Thursday, October 8, 2009

About time....

We ( my local area group) haven't done much as a group lately, other than Will's great combat patrol tournament. I want us to do more as a group and I think smaller point level tournaments level the playing field for newer player (a bit). I propose a monthly, or bi-monthly 1k point tournament as a "keep it real" tournament. Now I haven't asked the FLGS owner about this yet, and I'm in no hurry to get this started before the first of the year because I will be swamped until then.

Here are the things I have been thinking about, and would LIKE to include in this little recurring tournament/meeting. You tell me if you think it is good or bad on a point by point basis, and we'll find a common ground to get this going. Upfront, NO flaming. If you don't like an idea, and that's cool, just be prepared to not only provide details and maybe an example of why it's a bad idea, and then provide an alternative. Feel free to add other suggestions if I miss something here, and I will keep a running tally update of what we have so far.

1. I think 1000 points per army. I don't want to get bigger because we are aiming this at players with either new armies, or are new to the hobby, and let's face it we kinda have to stick to a 4x4 board for more than a few of us to play.

2. I think we need to try crazy missions to shake things up, and be okay with it when they don't work perfectly. I think we need to expose ourselves to something other than the 3 missions in the book ever once in a while to stay flexible and competitive

3. Competition: It is just that, BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF FUN I want to play a game and enjoy myself. That means not necessarily running the "best" force or "optimized" lists. Maybe run some not so normal units just to try them, or dust off some stuff I haven't used in a while to try a crazy idea and not get laughed at for it.

4. Positive atmosphere...I can't emphasize this enough, I WANT THIS TO BE ABOUT ENJOYING THE GAME, and my time relaxing. I have a right to not hear people bitching...they can do that while i'm at work.

5. Hobby as a whole. We all enjoy playing games, but lots of us really like the look of a fully painted army on the table (MEMEMEMEMEME) Lets face it, it just looks better and you get more of a sense of pride from playing with something you put real effort least I do.

6. small armies actually force you to think more tactically, as every model means more to you. 5 points has a much larger impact when you only have a 1000 to start than when you have nearly twice that.

7. Develop The Armoury gaming groups as a community regardless of what game they play. I want to be able to get out and play more than one opponent without worrying about a schedule. If I know that a certain day is 40k tourney day, then I have a reason to be there for more than a single game (read as wife will better understand)... lol

8. Hobby days like the one the later this month where we meet to paint and model, and help each other out with modeling and painting Jerome for example I KNOW could use help with his 130 boy ork horde.

9. Rotating event staff. I like to think I do fairly well running tournaments for you guys, but I know there are at least a few of you who would like it, and lets face it, I wanna play some too....If you want to see what it's like to run an event this would be a good place to get your feet wet!

Okay guys have at it. What would you like to see happen at these "regular" tournaments/meetings?


  1. Larry, gods love you. I think you know my feelings right now towards the apathetic gaming communities. We either lead the lazy bastards around by the nose and listen to them do nothing but complain, whine and simply be unrealistic. Or, we do nothing and watch them do nothing. My proposal is, screw them! We set up a day that those of us who have a true passion get together and play one another. Screw them, we do what we want and have fun. Don’t invite anyone outside a small circle of close friends, who you know will be there and just want a fun game. Those lazy gamer will see an organized thought out group and think “Wow, that’s how it should be done!”

    Quit, trying to show them the path and simply walk the path. I’m not saying quit be a community leader, I’m saying lead the community by example. Once the button masher see how it should be done, they will start falling on line or they'll start falling out.