Sunday, August 22, 2010

GD 2010 photos

I'll let some of these speak for themselves.

This is from the front of the line, taken a full hour ahead of gate opening!!


Dont look up!!



This is the plague fortress that was detailed on the GW main site....this and even the pics from their site do NOT do this justice!!


This is a close up of  the forces on the plague fortress

 Red Orktober

Full scale Scorpion Helmet and Shuriken Pistol


Yes MegaDave, they really look like that...

THQ was there with this 8' tall Ork mugging for pix.

And Forgeworld showed off the Eldar Phantom Titan. It is hard to see but that tiny grey splotch at his right foot is a falcon tank!!!!!!!! OMG this thing is BIG, and should be available before Christmas!!!!!

And Finally the best for last.....

This last one WILL BE MINE, OH YES!!!!

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