Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Upcoming Spring Mayhem Apocalypse

Coming on March 26th I will be hosting an Apocalypse game. The game will be a free for all competitive battle to the last man standing....or store hours, which ever runs out first. If time runs out we will determine a winner by point tally on the surviving models. The specifics are as follows:

5000 points per player. This is important as this is a free for all, try to get as close to this total with out exceeding it.

No single units costing more than 1500pts.

Super heavies, Flyers, and Gargantuan creatures are allowed. Where there are two profiles available, ie one Imperial Armour and a second from a more recent Codex, please contact me or Drew at the store with what you have chosen before game day.

No formations or stratagems from the Apocalypse/Imperial Armour books. This means the only squadrons will be as allowed by 40k codex. These are intended to be used by allied armies....there are none of those here, it is all PvP. This is also to allow a fair win if we run out of time. Formations cost points to run, so this balances things a bit more evenly.

Imperial Armour army lists ARE allowed. Please send a PM or email (shadowvast@live.com) and clear these before the day of the game.

Allies ARE allowed per the chart in the first Apocalypse rule book. (I will make exceptions in extreme cases)

Please come ready to play. This means you need printed copies of the rules, your codex, and any Imperial Armour pieces you are using. No exceptions unless one can be had by photo copy. You will of course need dice, templates and a tape measure as well.

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