Friday, June 10, 2011

Dragon Forge Resin Bases for Origins Game Fair 2011

Jeff Wilhelm of Dragon Forge Designs was kind enough to send us a good selection of his bases to give away as prizes this year. I have to say I have looked through his web store before, and the pictures there do not do his product justice. I think I will steal a format from Goatboy on BOLS for the review.

Value: 8 of 10  Jeff's designs are all unique and have some little details that it would be hard to duplicate on your own due to the use of space. While the bases are all crammed with detail, they all have flat space for figures to easily bond to.

Look/Form: 9 of 10 The details on the sets we were given were crisp and clean. There was almost no flash and the base I painted (see below) cleaned up quickly with soap and water.There were no bubbles or casting errors to fill or correct either. I am impressed.

Paintability: 9 of 10 Those details I referred to cry out for detailed painting. The new Omega prime set just begs for a colorful coat of paint. The crisp detail lets washes and inks really shine as well.

The Verdict: 9 of 10 I will most definitely be a customer of Jeff's for my Heresy EraThousand Sons army. Jeff the order is coming your way!

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