Wednesday, March 21, 2012

So I haven't been posting much...

I know I haven't exactly been forthcoming with my friends recently. I haven't kept in touch and I have been out and about gaming much recently either. I know people use the "life is crazy" excuse all the time...I've personally used it here.

I'm not really sure where the best place is to start, so I'll start at the beginning. My father was diagnosed with cancer last fall. It wasn't something we saw coming, it wasn't even on our radar. In fact it was so left field I all but disappeared off of the planet for a week or so while I got my head around the fact that Dad is really sick. Period. The toughest man I know, the rock my family relies on might not be around much longer.

I love you and no matter what you will always be my idol. My benchmark to measure my own success and failures against. I have always felt that doing it like you did was doing it the RIGHT way. Working hard and doing what is right for the right reason

That was last fall and six months have passed with chemo therapy. While the cancer will never be gone you seem to have beaten it for now. We have a big step in treatment to go, a bone marrow transplant. It sucks, and I know it will be hard, hell, it already is. I'll be there with you as much as I can, which we go again. Now you're not dead yet, and I know you are too tough to let this beat you.

I'll be there for you Dad.
 The next few weeks will be tough, and I will likely disappear off the planet again people. Just remember I'm where I need to be, shoring up the rock.

While I might not be saying much to people daily, they haven't left my thoughts. I wish I had more time to do the things I used to do with my friends, all day toy store runs, battletech on a massive scale, 40k on a whim, and just hanging out. Hell even the phone seems to be poisonous recently. Times change, life moves on and priorities make life and how we live it precious like nothing else.Time to adjust and keep moving.

My family is growing, and our lives and home have to adjust with it. Add to our other issues a remodel on the house, and all the other daily obligations and I'm pretty cooked. In the end, I still have my Dad, and now a son of my own on the way. It looks like I need to study "doing it the right way" all the harder so that hopefully my son feels the same way about me that I feel about my Dad.

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