Thursday, July 26, 2012

The changer of ways will often change ways....

Ive been thinking about my beloved chaos legions since the rumors of a new book surfaced. I wont go into specific point values until I have the book in hand, regardless of rumors. For now This is just an idea, but if it fits....oooof. Me likey!

Sorceror lord in termie armor, tzeentch mark (remove if ahriman makes rubrics troops)
3x9 Tsons
2 Vindicators/Defilers

large unit of screamers
2x10-15 pink horrors

Basically all the rubrics, ahriman and fateweaver (and the lord if hes there) deploy in a blob and advance on the midfield. Basically that makes a  3+/4+ re roll able save, shooting relentless rapidfire AP3 boltguns with soulfire....Psychic mastery is almost guaranteed here with 5 psykers within 6 inches of each other. 2 of those are rank!

Heaven forbid I roll well on the telepathy or divination charts with my sorcs....invisibility anyone?

The screamers handle anti tank, the vindis/defilers are horde control, and the horrors hold backfield objectives. Now we don't know all the costs yet, so this is aiming at 2000 points. First drops will be defilers/vindis for a dragon plane, and the chaos lord if I can for points.

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