Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thousand Sons List variants, and man Life sucks eggs

Well, As I noted life has been really tough recently. The last month of 2012 saw me lose my Dad and my dog...less than a week apart. My best friend even ended up in the hospital a week later. Couldn't blame a guy for dropping off the grid with a couple of weeks like that can you?

Well I'm back, stronger than ever for the trials. The old adage "what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger" certainly applies. On the hobby front I have had very little time or even desire for the last couple of months, but that is slowly waking up too.

The Thousand Sons are down to a trio of lists at 2k points. Ill do a rundown here, and you can tell me what you think. Themeatically they are all centered on Daemon engines, and the slow slide to chaos. Each list slips farther from the core Heresy era Scaraba Occult fluff of the list, but remains true to the Thousand Sons overall.

Boltgun with allies
3x 9 Thousand sons
2x Heldrakes
Storm Eagle Flyer
19 cultists w/flamer
2 obliterators
Herlad of Tzeentch w/bolt
10 horrors of Tzeentch w/bolt and the Changeling

Wow Ahriman is expensive!
Terminator sorcerer w/burning brand, lvl 3
3x9 Thousand Sons
3x Heldrakes
2 Obliterators
Herlad of Tzeentch w/bolt
10 horrors of Tzeentch w/bolt and the Changeling
 3 flamers of Tzeentch

Ok, I can compromise!(or get more expensive....)
Daemon Prince, wings, Black Mace, power armor, wings
3x9 Thousand Sons
3x Heldrakes
20 cultists w/flamer
2 obliterators
Herlad of Tzeentch w/bolt
10 horrors of Tzeentch w/bolt and the Changeling
3 Flamers of Tzeentch

Now the first list is only slightly tweaking my Boltgun Battles list from a few posts back by dropping most of the cultists to get the daemon allies. Nothing major, but it adds a large amount of flexibility. The second list takes a long hard look at Ahriman and his effect on the table.

Experience says the potential for real damage is HUGE. Notice the word Potential....I have yet to see any effect other than psychological on my opponents from him.

He is scary, and a real rock for the list to rotate around, but the cost is just silly in a list that is super point expensive already. So why not try to make it more efficient?

The second list is that evolutionary step. It takes Ahriman and scales him to a termiantaor with another heldrake flamer in his hand. This list is center on killing EVERYTHING not in terminator armor with ease. The addition of the flamers really opened up possibilities (and transport tanks) for the flame throwing Drakes.

This list still has a hole in it though....AV13 and 14.

The last list attempts to plug that hole even more expensive HQ! Seriously though 3 drakes bouncing around will distract anybody, and the add of a 4th flyer....AN that thing kills stuff DEAD in combat. In droves. Seriously he is scary. 6-13 attacks on the charge at AP2, and if any of them get through ALL enemy models in base contact need to take a toughness test or be removed with no saves of any kind.....Seriously, thats an AVERAGE of 9 dead models a turn, regardless of armor. 2 tactical squads pays for him, so we will have to see how it does. 

I have 3 lists, 2 of which are battle proven and I know work. We'll see what happens this weekend at Game Table Adventures. I'll be there to get back in the saddle and hopefully Kick some ass along the way. Hope to see you all there! In the meantime, here are a few WIP pics of the additions.

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