Thursday, November 21, 2013

Escalation work, and the road to Adepticon 2014

Wow, I have SUCKED at keeping this thing up and running! I have not narrowed my project scope at all since my last post. I still have WAAAY too much in the works at once. My focus right now is on the 3 easiest projects to clear.

Priority 1 is my 40k team tournament army for Adepticon 2014. While it looks like we are going marines again, there is a new codex in play and that helps a ton! We are all taking a marine army of our own choosing with a deathwatch team slotted in somewhere in the army. I am planning (for now) to do the Black Dragons with a single Strike Team Leading the way.

As of now, the list looks like this:

Libby with auspex mastery 2
5 vanguard vets
Land Raider Helios
10 tactical Marines, plasma and lascannon
5 tactical marines, plasma, razorback with assaultcannons
Landspeeder with melta and heavy flamer

Priority 2 is the Malifaux team entry. This one might not happen, if we get locked out of the tournament, but the models are on hand and WIP just in case.

50stone crew Of Neverborn
2 Young Nephelim
Adult Nephelim
3 Terror Tot Nephelim

Priority 3 is my own escalation League army. The bugs are moving slowly. With a new codex coming in a month or so, I have kept this one slow on purpose. I decided on a purple carapace with pink accents. These things look like bright floral colors in the jungle setting I am putting them in. So far the Tyrant is just base colors, no detail or highlight/wash. The pinks will tone down and get a bunch of detail. The warrior is about half way, with the purples just needing a final highlight, and the pinks need a wash and highlight.

Priority 4 is our display table for Adepticon. This thing is a 2'x4' Launch bay on a Space Marine Strike cruiser....or it will be anyway. I have the Plans in my head, but this is slated for January/February build.

Then there is Origins....I have a table to make, and 4 strike teams to paint for that. That effort will wait until after Adepticon in April, with the weather warming It will be easier to work on the table outside.

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