Sunday, December 1, 2013

Daemon Prince Be'Lakor WOW

Ok so I saw GW released digital rules for this bad boy again today. I own the model and I have been using it as a generic prince for years. His rules were last outdated when 5th edition released. The new rules are just over the top, in an over the top, Holy Crap, O no They Didnt!, SH*******T!!! kinda way.

per lexicanum

For 120pts MORE than a landraider you get:

always shrouded
eternal warrior
mastery 3 psyker that knows all of the Telepathy discipline....always
fearless and makes any fear checks be taken a -1
whenever anyone on the table breaks from combat he gets d3 warpcharge points the next phase....
his sword make him s7, has fleshbane and armorbane, and is ap2...O and its mastercrafted....

Now for all this shenanigans I'm still not sold on the cost....that is a LOT of points in a T5 monster. Now he does fly and can buff the crap out of his units with an extra d3 warp charge....(he could have 6 a turn here people!), but really he is a combat monster with a ws9 s7 ap2 in combat, so im not sold on his split personality yet, given his cost. Thoughts?

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