Tuesday, May 27, 2014

7th edition (6.5 to some) is upon us

I refuse to have this be another rant thread about how unbound lists destroy the game, or no limit to warp charge points does nasty things. I refuse to think that TOs can't reason through this stuff on their own. There has been this thing in existence for as long as games have been around. It's called a house rule.

I absolutely LOVE the new rule-set and the freedom it brings to list-building. I get that there are game breakers there, but there were before ! We haven't had the rules a week yet people. Calm down, read and enjoy the new books, and start planning all those sick combos. I saw an interesting idea on the net this morning. If you want to play it, have at it, but you need to own the model, no proxies.

This means if you want that armored company, cool go for it, but you need to own 14 Leman Russ tanks. You want that necron airforce? go for it, you need to own 10 flyers. Those models are not cheap, and I think that will slow down the majority of this issue. Not all, but most.  That said, lets all take the summer to absorb the rules, get a feel for where the meta is going and enjoy the ride. It IS a game people.

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  1. I think a lot of the rage is just internet based. "Lets see how we can break this thing"

    In all reality, the chance you will encounter such a situation is nil. If anyone shows up to play a game with 8 heldrakes, they won't find a game. Nobody will play with them. That's the rule everyone really forgets about. It's the unspoken "don't be a dick" rule.

    Sure you might encounter some insano situations in a die hard, must win tournament...but that's the 1%