Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Armoury Games Open Painting Competition

I am going to be holding an open painting competition at Armoury Games for you guys and gals. This will be an open competition, meaning no specific game system, no size requirements, and no restrictions on unit type.

This means anything from a single 25mm D+D model, to a baneblade or giant dragon from confrontation. You can do a unit of FOW tanks on a diorama base (no bigger than 12"x12" base please) or a battle scene or challenges....the possibilities are endless. Basically be reasonable with the size of your entry, pick a mini and get painting!!

Entry fee is $10 (to cover prize support)
Entry must be submitted to Bruce at the Armoury by no later than August 1st.
Entries will be displayed in the case at the Armoury until August 15th for the judging at 1pm.
Prize support for this will vary depending on the number of entrants, so everyone get painting!!!

Contact me here with a comment with questions, or Bruce at the Armoury at 614-833-1331 to get registered.

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