Friday, June 19, 2009

SOOO far behind

Well Life has been crazy. I took the kids to Disney, blew a fortune on bottled water and had an absolute blast doing it! Unfortunately it has taken a toll on poor Mike waiting on his Vampire Bloodknights...well 3 more are done and I'm down to 3 to go.

Once I get to this point in a project I would normally be saying "hey, you are ALMOST done, why not push to the end and get it done?"....Well as usual it isn't that simple. I am working with some other great guys at Origins game fair this coming weekend. That will blow another week as I furiusly work to get terrain assembled and painted for those games. That said I have still been making slow progress and I have only final detail and highlight left to do on 6 of the knights.

I'm ALMOST there. Please be patient with me Mike. I do apologize, I know you are itching to get these guys on the table. My new (self imposed) deadline on them is July 4th weekend so I can get them off my desk and start work on the Volscani....all 180 of them.....and the WHFB campaign, and WHFB tournament, and the 40k World Wide war prep, and the.....oh heck you get the idea....

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