Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Return to Badass

Hi everyone. I am holding a return to apoc on February 27th at noon. I am keeping it much smaller this time to retain a bit of my sanity.

5000 points per player
no more than 1 super heavy/gargantuan/titan per player. ((max of 3 structure points and 10 wounds)Drew we will need house rules for the hierophant its TOO sick now)
please have a minimum 40k force organization (1HQ and 2 troops) at the core of your force
Allies allowed if you need to play more than one force to make 5k points
Allies done by the chart in the Apocalypse book, but the final teams may need to be juggled to balance things out
Please bring your list with a point total and details on the day of the game.

Please PM me here if plan on attending, along with what army/armies you are playing. I don't need army lists, just which one you are playing.

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