Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I said Thousand Sons and I meant it!!

Ok, I have been quietly building up conversion ideas for a pre heresy style Emperor's Children army. I wanted old-school rhinos and Landraiders, I wanted the models to use the beak helmets,and the heads from the FW red scorpions marines. I wanted a veteran squad who used pole-arms....

See Here...http://davetaylorminiatures.blogspot.com/2010/02/bitten-off-more-than-i-can-chew.html

Dave's customer has used literally every idea I had in HIS army...so much for that one...*crumples army list and throws away*.....sigh

Well all is NOT lost. I have been reading A Thousand Sons by Graham McNeil and it has me seriously inspired. Point totals aside here is what I have in my head:

8 termies,
8 T-sons with Sorceror
18 chaos marines, plasma, rocket launcher, icon
9 chaos marines, 2 plasma, icon in rhino
9 chaos marines, 2 plasma, icon in rhino
8 raptors, mark, melta and flamer, champ with fist
3 oblits
FW pre heresy land raider
This should be close to 2000 points, so we'll see. This is really a modeling project with the game stamped onto it, not the other way around.



  1. Who cares if someone else used the same basic idea? No offense, but his won't be the first either. I think the idea is good enough that it can be shared. Make your army and do it your way. If you want it to stand out, convert each miniature just a bit. Maybe he has a very staid pose theme, you could have an active pose theme. Maybe the other guy doesn't have many rocket launchers, add some to yours. Add a bolter, change one to a left hand, give them some action, think about their theme and get into it. Maybe a slightly enlarged shoulder emblazon for Tson's typical overconfidence or perhaps some increased banner usage. Dunno just running at the top of my head. The point is make your army better or yours or both. Get to it man! I want said Thousand Sons and I mean it! :)

  2. Well thanks for the support!! I simply meant ( and I guess should have come right out and said) it stole a lot of my enthusiasm for the project. The T-sons are going to get done methinks, but not likely right now. If I do, I will certainly do a WIP thread here.