Monday, April 26, 2010

"POWWAH!!!"--Jeremy Clarkson reads my mind

OK, I have a chaos daemon army...I admit it. It is a guilty pleasure to see my opponent get all sweaty and start making mistakes when I set down 4 or 5 monstrous deep-strike.....all at one time.....

I am playing in (not running for once, thanks Drew!) a 40k campaign at my FLGS. The first campaign turn took place this past Saturday, and even though I scored a draw (stupid variable game length...grrrr) I had more fun than I have had in a LONG time. There are quite a few reasons this is happening.

First, I am playing games with people I genuinely like to be around. Not just my opponent Kennedy (who is a super nice guy), but everyone there. I don't have the universal jerk syndrome right now at the Armoury....(Gawd I hope it stays that way)

Second is my army. I haven't played the daemons in a while. I kind of wanted to play my Necrons in the campaign, but when another player stepped up there, I decided to spread out the armies and go with daemons. Why you ask? Don't they suck? Aren't they really chancy?

Why yes they are....and I think part of my love of the army is those factors. They press me to be a better player, and reward my really aggressive nature on the table. So how did I arrive at the Jeremy Clarkson quote as a title? Simple. 4 monstrous creatures.

FYI go watch Jeremy and his pals on the show is Top Gear. Even if you aren't a car guy these three are FUNNY!

The list is a quad power list using the strengths of every power....for now. I have a blood thirster and Keeper as my HQ, back by Tzeentch and Nurgle princes, then blood letters and plague bearers as troops. I currently have a large unit of blood crushers as a support/anvil unit as well.

I plan on making a few minor changes as the campaign goes on. First and foremost is to drop the keeper for a second Bloodthirster. Then I plan on losing the crushers to upgrade the Tzeentch prince to a Nurgle prince with noxious touch, and adding more numbers to my troops.

In the long run the list will drop the big guys as wave one and the troops in wave two (in a perfect world). That lets me get right in my opponents face and set them on the defensive while i drop my troops on the objectives.

So, I think I have a decent plan, we'll see how it plays out. Kennedy's Tau certainly didn't like the daemons, but Tim's Mechanized Eldar might not feel as bad about facing them.

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