Monday, April 19, 2010

So a little left field I know....

I heard something over the weekend at a parenting and motivational speech that really struck a chord in me....

"As Iron sharpens Iron, so a friend sharpens a friend" -- proverbs 27:17

Now, I am not a religious guy, but the truth of this statement really hit me. I have truly been shaped and challenged by my friends over the years. The people I care about outside of my family, Parker, Chris, Damon, Jeph, Craig, have all helped me better myself and I hope you have been challenged by me as well. If we do not challenge and each other to be better people on a daily basis we get dull, and fall into patterns or "ruts" if you will. This can be applied to gaming as well as day to day "real life".

Now I'm not gonna get all weepy and start gushing, I just wanted to take a second, and say thanks guys, I am better for knowing you!


  1. I agree with that statement wholeheartly. I think your friends, your true friends are just an extention of your family. This was never more evident for me than when Griffin passed away, people were there for me that I thought were only gaming buddies, when really they cared about me so much more, so I guess I second the "thanks guys" statement and now I am going to wait for Chris to post something retarded.

  2. I agree whole heartedly with both statements. We each have enriched one an others lives in one fashion. Whether it be a just be showing up and quietly standing back during a moment need or sharing the excitement of being a new father. I learned the lesson of who is really your friends during a nine month period of tragedy when there was only one person who was there (outside family). While I can get pissed at Parker for not heeding commonsense and listening to my considerable wisdom, he always be my best friend. I’ve only ever dropped that moniker on two people and I feel lucky to say it’s still intact.
    There is definitely a bond beyond the hobby here and its good. Thanks guys.

    @Damon - Do you mean something retard like “DON’T TOUCH MY MASS, DON’T PUCK MY MASS!”?