Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Campaign continues

Well round four this week went well. I went 2-1. My first game was a rematch with Mike and his Necrons that saw me kill him off 4 vp to 3 after the games ended on turn 5. His lord had a phylactery and MIGHT have gotten up at the start of turn 6, but he only had about 15 models left, and he was fairly close to phasing anyway.

Game 2 was a challenge from Richard. Now Richard is a new player, and challenged me simply because he has not played my yet in the campaign....tabled him on turn 4.....His Blood Angels just are not working for him and he needs some additional help in his list building. Over-all Richard has a lot of potential, but Daemonzilla at him for lunch.

Game 3 was the return of count fluff and his poisonous bugs....this went poorly for me as it usually does against Fluff's list. His gaunt all have toxin and adrenal, so they are 3 attacks each at initiative 6. He then proceeds to re-roll all 1's to hit, and against my troops he re-rolls wounds... his wave of 20 gaunts puts out 60 swings with all those re-rolls and goes first 90% of the time.....Against my big stuff he still only needs 4 to wound due to the poison, but loses the re-rolls. Even as such, I was tabled on turn 4.

I have an idea that MIGHT work. I plan on replacing my second Blood Thirster with a Keeper of Secrets, adding 3 units of Flamers of Tzeentch and changing all of my troops over to daemonettes who will at least get to attack before Fluff kills them....I might do a big unit of fiends in place of one of the flamer units as well.....

Oh well, I'm having a ball with the campaign even though it looks like my three losses to Fluffy are keeping me out of the winner circle.

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