Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Origins Game Fair 2010

Well I have been scheming away at a HUGE project for the Origins Game Fair this year. The guys over at 40korigins.com have announced the finalized schedule, so I can let you in on the project a bit. I am working on the central terrain piece for the Tyranid invasion games. The scenario portrays  a tyranid invasion (duh) on a spaceport fueling depot. The Imperial Guard are holding at all costs for those last transports to get away. The guard are gonna die, but they intend to sell their lives dearly. (Think the Alamo, or that fort scene in Starship Troopers). The central building is a large warehouse hanger designed to store either a Leman Russ squadron or a Baneblade.

I am now down to working details, as the walls are complete, and the building has a base to sit on. I am making a small landing pad on the roof that is just large enough for a Valkyrie or vendetta transport. There will be some lighting on the interior, and the roof is removable to allow access to the interior....I had to do that, the building is 24" wide by 24" long!!!!!!! IT IS FRICKIN HUGE! This thing will engulf  2 Banblade tanks with room to spare inside! ( I know, I tried it Hee Hee)

The details are turning into a real bear to get completed the way I want and not overwhelm myself when it comes to painting time this weekend. There are so many things I would love to accomplish, but I am trying to be realistic and not get carried away. This thing needs to be playable first, and pretty second. So as I sit here, I am down to working those details into what has become the single most challenging project I have ever worked on. Thanks to the 40korigins crew for giving me this opportunity.

To those Tyranid players, have at it...and to the guard, well....at least you'll have a pretty castle to die in!

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