Friday, November 5, 2010

Kabal of the Sundered Storm

Well I have the Dark Eldar Codex in my grubby hands. My final list is turning out to be a far cry from where I started.

Lady Malys
Urien Rakarth

6 trueborn in a raider with flicker fields and night shields 3 blasters and 2 dark lances

9 Wyches in a raider with flicker fields and nightshields

10 Kabalite Warriors with a blaster and Darklance

10 Wracks with a liquifer gun
10 Wracks with a liquifer gun
10 Wracks with a liqufer gun

2x 6 Reaver Jetbikes with 2 blasters and 2 cluster caltrops

Ravager with flickerfields and night shields

2x Chronos Parasite engines with spirit vortex

That is it at 1850, but for 1500 point games I lose Lady Malys and one unit of Wracks. The list uses shock tactics to keep people off my pain engines until turn two and screen the Kabalite warriors that will camp the home objective in cover. The Wracks all move up through cover to get to the forward objectives, supported by the Chronos engines. They will then hunker down and make you come and get them. The Bikes are harrassers and can kill transports in a pinch. Really The list focuses on pain tokens. Rakarth lets d3 units start with them and I intend for two of those to be the wytches and warriors. The wracks start with them, and the pain engines generate more to add to the surrounding units. Lady Malys allows me to redploy d3 units at the beginning of the game. Tricksey and unforgiving but fun to play.

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