Friday, November 19, 2010

Round 2 is in

Ok, I went to the shop today and picked up Urien Rakarth  a Ravager and the webway portal template to add to my forces. I would have bought all three ravagers, but the store didn't get enough to cover it's holds so I had to settle for a single.

Painting is coming along well. I have settled on my hair and symbol colors with Vallejo Model color Lime green. I have all the hair and tassles painted on the foot models now, so things are beginning to look more like a finished force. I have to do all the metals, and the bone details on the models, then clean them up to finish.

I also picked up witchfate tor, this will actually give me a full table of fantasy terrain, with a few options to spice things up.

*edit: After priming all the pieces of Witchfate Tor I went to look at the directions, and I am missing two wall segments, and have an extra of another.....great.....well I guess I'm on the phone with GW on Monday...

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