Sunday, April 21, 2013

Adepticon day 3 Team tournament

We are light on pictures due having an AWESOME time! Round one was versus Da Boyz from New York.

LOSE...but to a crazy nice team of guys and a really nice Tau army.

Round two against "I heart crabs", or as we call them the Swedes. Seriously cool guys from, wait for it.....Sweden.  they were offering shots and beer, having a rockin time and enjoying the day like no-one else.They were playing Necron Air mixed with IG blob squads defending the ground. They had some crazy blue and green flyers, but seriously clean and good looking paint. Solid strategy and a mistake or two were the only reason Allan and I could crack them. Allan and I drew and so did Nick and Wolf.

The third game was against "2 inch Charge" and their chaos marines/traitor guard combo. 4 drakes and a blight drone, plus a flying prince, my half tabled them, and the other team drew.

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