Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Adepticon Day 4

Team tournament day two....all pressure is off and the fun just keeps coming!

Round 4 saw the ravenguard square off against the dark angels first and second companies.  Nick and I faced down the first company with Azreal AND Ezekiel! That and somewhere north of 30 terminators!

We deployed in a corner building, and I had my techmarine fortify it. The scouts acted like a screen from the small incoming fire. For some reason the Dark Angels dropped in midfield and walked across the board. Nick and I let them come, and then deployed all of Nicks Elysians into the objectives on the opposite side of the board while my marines held onto the original building. In the end we pulled a primary win with linebreaker for the guard in their deployment zone. One of these guys is a painter for GW so you can imagine how beutiful the army was.

Allan and Nick faced off against the Second company and pulled a draw against what looked like more than 60 bikes!!

As tired as I was I didnt think to get any pics (sorry guys, awesome armies!!!!).

Round 5 put us against sisters and home-brew marines. While we won this round we learned just how SICK twin hand flamers on seraphim can be....ouch 47 wounds on a 10 man tactical. Nice guys and good game with no pressure what so ever!

Allan and Nick took a draw against the eldar/marine combo on the other table.

The awards were next, and we waited anxiously for the raffle winners to be announced. None of uf won anything but a good time, thing is we don't care, the good time was what we went for.

After the awards we went back to Portillo's for dinner (garbage salad, YUM!), and then off to the Fantasy Flight Games after con mixer. Allan did an excellent impersonation of a dying colonial marine trying to fit in a gym locker (if you know Allan you know how funny this is) to win a free copy of Sedition wars. We got a good two hours of Relic in as well. Great time and new friends made.

Is it bad that we spent the entire trip home hammering out our lists and ideas for next year?

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