Monday, September 30, 2013

wow 10 weeks huh?

Has it really been ten weeks since my last post? yup....

Sigh. Life has really been crazy for a few months, but as always I find a few hours here and there to get in some Hobby time. Recently it has been mostly online with Mech Warrior Online. I normally don't go for First Person shooters, let alone free to play like this, but this one is hitting all the marks for nostalgia and fun. If anyone is interested in a clan to assist in making this game or one of several others more social, check out The Windbourne Highlanders.

Boltgun's Battle 6 is coming in a few weeks on October 26. For a change, my army is Long done and no scrambling to finish! I still have fine details on the two main characters, but otherwise all set.

Believe it or not Adepticon registration is opening within days of Boltgun, and I am in for at least two major events there, 40k team and Malifaux team. Now I'm a noob with Malifaux, but this should give me some good exposure to the system and let's face it Adepticon is a good time, win or lose! The thing is, that's two small army projects that need to be done at the same time. I own the vast majority of my Malifaux crew already, but I had to order updated cards and the new rulebook. I'll take a more serious look once those arrive, likely right after Boltgun. The 40k list is written and should do fine, but I'm starting from scratch there. Lots of expensive kits and conversions to do before I can even paint.

I also have a small escalation league a few friends are working on with me. We aren't starting again until after Boltgun (sound familiar?) but it is a slow paced paint first group, so that should be a ball. I am looking at Tyranids for a total change of pace. 500pts of bugs is a lot of models, no matter how you slice it.

I am working on a serious expansion for my (n my own mind)famous Necromunda board from Origins two years ago. Dan and Damon down at GTA have asked me to do a 2x4 expansion for the board that can be set on any side of the board to expand it to 4x6 from 4x4. I have two ideas, and I just need to decide which wat to go with it. Either will be seriously cool!

Last but certainly not least is (and yes I am already worried about it) Origins, and my new Zone Mortalis board. The base is hopefully arriving two weeks from now, and will go into storage until after the first of the year. I already have a head start on materials for it, so it should build in a couple of weekends.

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