Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Tale of four....

Well I would tell you to fill in the blank but that would to all sorts of internet troll shenanigans, so we'll just stop right there. I mentioned yesterday that a group of my friends were starting an escalation league to give us all a secondary hobby project to fall back on. We all have a passion for the Hobby portion of miniatures games and we all bring different experiences and skills to this little experiment.

With that said, here are the guidelines as I see them so far. Now these are loose, no concrete anything, simply a guide to give a general direction to go in. In general we want to acheive the following with this league:

1. A new 2000 point (or more) army that is painted as close as we can get to the apex of our ability
2. Stretch our abilities and challenge each other with new ideas and techniques for painting and converting our chosen armies.
3. Incrementally create an army that can expand in steps to our intended goal, but still be played at several different levels, 500-2000 points and beyond.
4. Get in games with our new armies that lack the tension we often feel around a competitive environment we often run into in this hobby. We should be adding the models and units we WANT, not what the internet says we should have. More importantly bring the fun back into the hobby by focusing on ENJOYING our efforts, not the competition itself.

There are four of us along for this crazy ride. We have all been involved in the minis hobby for a long time in different aspects, and we all came to it through different channels.

I started in about 5th grade with old-school D&D. My cousin would come over and we would use minis to help visualize a battle. I always just went along with what he did until I was in Highschool. I went into the Comic Shop Plus in Newark Ohio, and I was HOOKED. I walked out that day with a 40k box set thanks to a few characters in the store at the time, Mark Loughman, Damon Jenkins, Craig Witten and others. That was 20 years ago now and it has been one hell of a ride!

In 20 years of 40k I have learned a couple of things about the competitive game....I enjoy it, but it isn't the best part. Also, I can't seem to beat a good tyranid player....So with that said here is my tentative breakdown for this whole cluster:

Stage 1 500 points painted in the chosen army. Must have 1 HQ and 2 troops, anything else is gravy. We can start now, but the tentative deadline for this batch is 12/15, (read as January 1 due to holidays). At that point we should meet and get in a few games with the new batches. We should all post WIP pics and ideas, as well as an intro for yourselves here.

Stage 2 1000 points painted. Now we need at least one unit from the others force slots (Elite, Fast Attack, Heavy) to fill out a reasonable small army. More games and fun ensue by March 1st.

Stage 3 Convention season is in full swing so 1500 points by June. Whatever models you want at this point, just keep it in the point guidelines, and we should be meeting monthly by now for games and hobby nights.

Stage 4 2000 points and the campaign begins. I am working on ideas for a campaign we can be tracking here. Games can be reported here, full batreps if we can. This should begin around the 1000 point mark, but be in full swing by now.

In the end we want to have grown in our hobby and friendship, and added a few more models to the display case.

I have chosen to take on the army that is farthest from my comfort zone...Tyranids. The alien devouring hunger and hive mind make an intimidating force visually, and that appeals to me. With that said, I am starting with Hive Fleet Nephilim.

Larry Tyranids
Damon is Eldar
Jeff is Imperial Guard
Chris is Black Templars

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