Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Adepticon Display Board WIP Part 1

I've been holding on to this post until I had some pictures ready to show the progress. I posted the bare boards that sit next to each other for transport (and more utility for GTA). The idea is they sit next to each other to make a 2'x4' board. The board will be a launch bay inside the Star Phantom Strike Cruiser Syclus Infinium. There will be space for drop pod storage, landing pads for flyers, fueling lines and storage, and a viewing gallery/command deck, as well as all the detail I can cram into the piece. This is the first portion laid out for glue and team approval.

Overall layout with a stand in backdrop to illustrate the height

Close up of the fuel storage with a marine for scale

close up to show decking detail.

As this is just a layout there will be more detail covering any bare wood, as well as vertical elements on three sides. Once complete this will be 2'x2'x18" tall! And that is only half!

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