Monday, April 7, 2014

Adepticon 2014 Picture overflow!

Well another Adepticon is in the books, and I have to say it was another stellar  show. We raised our game and got a little props for it. Still no award, but we are closing in.

Short round  up, Team Boltgun's Battle Brothers placed in the top 15 of 120 teams for appearance and theme at the 40k Team tournament.

The top winners were really eye catching! While I didn't get picture of all of them ( I didn't have time to stand in line for the Slaaneshi peep show) here are a few. The pink and orange Tyranids were the over all winner with the floating hive ship.

This last one is from the Guard Tower, Cocomelli and crew. They decided to bring their  "A" game and go Cosplay.

The tournament was well run as always, and the field had a good spread of armies, but there were still maybe 40% Tau/Eldar in various combos. We played Necrons with  multiple flyers the first three rounds in a row....which sucked since we didn't think  there would be more than one or two there and didn't prepare for those air-force style lists.Still, we rounded out the weekend well with not a single jerk in sight! A nice change of pace I have to say. I need to stop and say hello to The maelstrom guys, team destruction of ultramar, and the silver snakes. Excellent times guys!

Nick and I took best appearance at the Malifaux team tournament on Friday. That won me a pair of avatar models, so look for work on those crews in the future.

I need some rest, but I will go back through the tournament and my experience in detail this week, right now I just need sleep. 8 hours over 4 days doesn't cut it!

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