Monday, April 21, 2014

Origins 2014 Zone Mortalis Kill Team training grounds

Ok, with the Adepticon whiplash subsiding I am looking to the next big project of the year....Zone Mortalis! Yep, I am building a zone mortalis board for Origins 2014. Since I cannot be in attendance this year I am designing a set piece table that will pit 4 Ordo Xenos Deathwatch team against each other and the abandoned asteroid mine DC/RT-D 2006 as a training excercise...Little do they know the defenses have been partially reactivated by the machine spirit of the facility....and let's just say the machine is MAD at being left to drift for centuries....(30/30-150 if I've ever seen it).

These are just a few layout shots before I begin to cut in foam hallways and rooms around the Mechanicus facility hallways. The layout is hard to see here, and I mean to be that way...sorry, no maps ahead of the game!!

Think of all of this as recessed into the board and you get a better idea of the layout....I'll post more after I get the foam laid in this weekend.

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