Friday, July 11, 2014

Palladium Books must WANT no one to buy their Robotech game....

So I bought into the Robotech RPG tactica kickstarter last year, just like 5000 or so others. I expected delays and over-runs on the product given how large and complex the game is. I gladly told them to take my money when it came time to pay up just to get a copy of this wonderful looking game! I played a couple of demos last summer and got even more excited, as the game even played well. But now Palladium has done something TOTALLY wrong....

From The kickstarter project update:

PLEASE NOTE: We do plan to bring a selection of Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Wave One product for display and sale at Gen Con Indy. I know that will disappoint some of our Kickstarter supporters, but it is vital to successfully kickoff the launch of this exciting new product line. Gen Con Indy is the San Diego Comic Con of gaming. Not only are there tens of thousands of gamers, but a lot of media. We NEED it to be there, and for sale, to create buzz and take advantage of the excitement that will generate. I hope our backers understand this. We appreciate you, but we also need to do what’s right for the future of this product line. That will benefit you and all Robotech® fans for years to come.

So they decide to sell to the public before the backers get their product......DICK move Paladium. 
I for one will never buy another thing from Palladium if they go forward with this. Don't get me wrong, I can wait patiently to get a quality product, but I don't like being lied to. And Palladium has done that over and over. First it was the ship date. I let that slide. Then it was seam issues blamed on PVC, they aren't using that material and they look worse than expected. I can fix that, Ive been gaming for 20 years now. I'm no stranger to mold lines. But now you sell retail first when you promised to NOT do just over Paladium.

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  1. One thing I've learned from minature kickstarters....don't. The people running the kickstarters have almost no idea what is involved with the production and distribution of tens of thousands of figures. I've yet to see a single one go off without a hitch, and many (from the beginning of kickstarter) have yet to fulfill their orders, or have satisfied customers.

    I've 100% given up on the robotech one. I figure one day I'll get a box in the mail, and just rewrap it and put it on ebay for a slight profit.

    I'll probably keep my monster III though...use him as a riptide or something.