Thursday, July 31, 2014

Prep for Summer Slaughter August 16

With my list entered and my army well into painting, I have only one model to buy yet and I will be all set. Im into weathering on the last 4 and then I'm done other than that last....single....model.

With a low model count (30) at any scale, especially at 2500pts you would think I could cruise through those models quickly.....well NOT when they look like THIS.....

Raptorus with no weathering or washes yet. looks good as a start, but a long way to go!

Dominus, only first stage weathering done. Lots to do, lots to do....

This is "Hounds Tooth", again, no weathering yet!

Pretty happy with this emplacement. might add a decal or two for detail.

Everything here is all color blocked and ready for final details except that flyer....has a LONG way to go. I'm not sure what to do with the bases on the Quad launchers. They nee more detail, not sure what yet. If you have ideas post 'em, and I might steal 'em!

Summer Slaughter is a t a store about 45 minutes away from me I have never been to. I know the TO to be a stand up guy, so I'll give it a shot. This army is just for fun, and allows me to get to the "ALMOST There" stage with the knight army I am building. I have all the plastic knights I will need (or will this week). Now I need a lancer and a Castigator from Forge World. I am really looking forward to seeing my opponents faces when I walk in with this many super heavies in an army....and it's LEGAL if I can just stay away from assault terminators....

Sutekh Magna Knight Paladin Warlord
Dominus Atum Knight Paladin
Graendal Knight Errant
Jacynthus Knight Errant
Raptorus Arkhus Knight Paladin

Lord Commissar, Emperors light, carapace
10 Veteran guard 2 meltaguns, heavy flamer, grenadiers and demo experts
2 heavy quad launchers with extra crew
Valkyrie "hounds tooth"
Vengeance weapon battery with 2 twin-linked icarus lascannon and void shield

That's a nice firebase, a mobile objective team, and plenty of in your face....


  1. That canopy is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The canopy is actually really easy. Tamiya makes paints for RC modelers. They have a line of translucent paint for windshields. Just paint a coat on the inside of the canopy and let it dry. If it isn't dark enough just do another coat. This is 3 coats of red. They also do yellow, green, blue, grey, and orange that I have seen.

    1. Thanks so much Larry! I'm going to pick some of this up immediately and use it on my Talons!