Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Boltgun's Battle incoming 9.20.14

So I have been watching the facebook page for Boltgun's tournament coming up on the 20th. The guys I mentioned below are starting a kind of grudge match hobby challenge over there. Here are the latest pics....

From Jeremy McClung:

*** Breaking News***

“Eldar Flee to Safety of the Webway as the Vlka Fenryka Make Planetfall”

In other news:
• Planetary Governor expresses gratitude, orders parade in capital

• Craftworld council members issue surprise ruling demanding Farseer Elvr’son choose a new Path after failing to see events coming

• Farseer cites 'Runic' interference, appeals verdict claiming situation can still be salvaged

Full news at end of cycle.

And in response from Joe Elverson:

Well I have one for BOTH of ya!

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