Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hell Talon, just a quick update

I have had a bit of time over the last couple of days to rough in the fixes for the bad gap and alignment issues on the Hell Talon and start on the color base for the paint. The paint is rather ambitious, and I'm not sure how the final product will come out, but in theory it should look really nice.For now this thing is VERY work in progress.

Here is the gap under the fuselage, near the engines. I have it roughed in now, and I will clean it up with liquid greenstuff before I go into detail paint. I got the main shape in place and then decided to test the paint idea I had before I got it boxed in. I still need to add rivets and clean up the vertical edge.

I ordered a custom flight stand from Dragonforge to help support this behemoth. It isn't all that heavy but the stock GW flight stand does not inspire confidence on a model this size. That will require a round 1/2" hole cut into the bottom of the cowling at the top of the picture above.  Since I still have to do damage to the bottom of the model before I can add much in the way of detail to this area of the model, I am am not in huge rush with this.

Next I can't decide which way to go with the topside engine intakes. On one hand there are the fleshy tendrils or muscle striations you see people do a lot on Nurgle based models, and on the other hand I can box off the openings to hide the gap by matching lines. I THINK the tendrils are the way to go as the gaps are not even, and trying to match the lines will throw off an already visually unbalanced model even more.

So the last thing is the paint scheme. I had the crazy idea of mixing the two Thousand Sons schemes on the same model. I am working for a fade from Midnight Blue to red base color, with the raised lines fading from Metallic Gold at the nacel tips to bright White at the back of the plane. If it works out it will be cool, but I have to reserve judgement. At this point the fade is in place, but there are tens of hours of brushwork left to solidify the scheme and get it detailed. Wish me luck!!

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  1. best of luck on that model. It's gigantic. It will be worth it though. It will look so friggin cool when it comes onto the table.