Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Forces of the Zentradi Assembled

Hello again! It has taken a week due to real life intervention, but here is HALF of the Robotech RPG Tactics box set. I like these models a lot, and despite the delays in the kickstarter delivering, they are really nice models. Here is a group shot of the Zentradi Half of the box.

2 recovery ships, 2 command pods, 4 artillery pods, 2 recon pods and 24 assault pods. There are 25 in the picture, I got the metal prototype from a demo at Adepticon this spring.

The assembly is easy and they go together really well. There are a couple of flaws, but nothing a little modeling cannot fix. Every foot has a hole for the peg on the bottom of each leg to slot into. The top lip of that hole is domed over, and keeps the front toe of the leg from touching the base. This is a simple fix, just shave the top of the foot before gluing it to the leg. No big deal, but over this many models it is a touch tedious and could have been fixed in design. The other issue is the TINY matching gun bits on the "chin" of each pod. I am not sure why these couldn't have been molded into the chest. As is, they are really tiny bits. The issue lies with removing them from the sprue. My good hobby clippers snap the guns in half. Even using a new blade on my hobby knife, a good 45% still broke mid way along the barrel of the gun. Since these parts are so tiny, it is not very noticeable, but again, a design flaw that should have been fixed.

This is a size comparison with a space marine so you can get an idea of how large these are. Keep in mind, the space marine is 28 to 30mm scale. These are closer to 10-12mm scale.

This also gives you a close look at the prototype against the final models. They are close, and there is a TON of easy posability in these kits. Running, jumping, leaning, turning, all are really easy to do. Despite a couple of little issues, I really like the kits.

Now, on to the UEDF side of the box!


  1. Hey Larry!
    Thanks for the scale photos! Mine are arriving today, so it's a good gauge of what to expect. You don't happen to have any tau do you?

  2. no Tau, sorry my friend! Ill post another pic later with other stuff for you, guard and the like.

  3. It's no worry. I was just curious if they could be used as battle suit stand in's. :)

  4. did y ou get your copy? The UEDF Mecha MIGHT fit in. I have only put a couple together, but they are about Marine size.

    1. Just got mine...omg so many sprues...SO MANY. I have to decide if I'm going to ebay it, and just keep wave 2, or dive into it. Choices choices...wave one is going for the cost of an imperial knight and stompa on ebay, which are both models i need....

      #minichoices :)