Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Robotech RPG Tactics arrives!

FINALLY!!!! I paid for this in April 2013!!!!

I think this was worth the wait. The game is a simple to learn, but strategically deep system that plays at intended levels in about 45 minutes. My copy was left on the porch in the pouring rain by UPS, fortunately no damage!

Rulebook, soft cover 112 pgs, only 29 are rules

Box cover

Side view, thick stock, decent quality
This thing weighs in at over 9 pounds! There are enough supplies here for two players to play indefinitely and never need to buy more...until wave two ships sometime in the distant future.....

one of 2 (!) bags of bases

Enough sprues and bases to choke a horse!

All the cards, dice and markers needed to play the game

Over all I am satisfied with the product, but I haven't dived into assembly or paint yet. From looking at the sprues they are PVC, and while the models are a significant number of parts, they allow for huge conversion potential. As a veteran modeller, these kits are not super complex, but I can see this pile of plastic scaring off some people who do not have the experience I do. I played the demo at Adepticon, and it was enough for me to buy in. This is definitely a skirmish level system, but I can see it easily scaling up to much larger encounters. All in all this is a solid product. I am reserving judgment on the game itself until I have a couple of games in, and a better handle on the models themselves.

No go away, I'm going to watch maccross again while I dive into all these sprues....

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  1. I'm still waiting for mine! I snagged battlecry, a Monster III, and some extra bits....one day...one day I will have that monster!!! Good to see it actually exists in the flesh!