Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What do YOU want from YOUR game?

I have been thinking recently that something is missing from my games...I don't know what it is, and I'm sure you might have a few ideas. See, I have been thinking about all the different ways to play 40k and wondering to myself what is missing from the current "scene" I am playing in.

I get to paint new units for my army.

I get to model new stuff for my army.

I get to show said new stuff on the table top while pounding my opponents head in. (or getting beaten myself)

I get to theory out new lists and try different combos out.

I even get to go to the occasional tournament too.

So what am I missing? I dunno. Burnout has become a defining factor in my gaming. I even caught myself ranting about a scenario right after ranting about some douche bags throwing a final game in tournament just to hold scores. (Gawd I hate that). So I have become "that guy" in some fashion or another.

You know them, "those guys" who want to bitch and complain all the time to justify their own failings. I have to say that I hope to never fully become "that guy". With all that said I think we all have some of that in us and we need to let it go. In the end we are all getting together to hang out with our friends, and using the toys as an excuse to do it. What ever excuse I might use, general ass-hattery is never an option and I fell victim to the temptation this past weekend. So on that note , I formally apologize to my opponent, Mike and all who had to listen to me Bitch and make a fool of myself.

I guess what I am missing is relaxation. I have let it all get to me, so I need some relaxation. I'm takin' a vacation soon that should help burn some of this stress away. Now to add gas to the fire I get back to my original question.....what do YOU want to see? Drew (the other Kommando at the FLGS) and I would love to hear your ideas for 40k and WHFB events so we can begin work on the next series of events. You tell us want you want and we will do our best to deliver it.

Follow this blog, and watch the message boards at www.armourygames.com for upcoming event details. While space is limited, the fun is not!

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